Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bowen - Quad Cities Newborn Photographer

This little 13 day old man made my day on Monday!
He was about the tiniest, sweetest thing ever!

I don't very often get to photograph such new just seems that most of my clients tend to be families and small children.  So this was quite a pleasant change for me!

And he was the most perfect the end of the session, he was so sound asleep, we were able to get all kinds of sleepy shots!  I am in love with this one...

And his mom had such a fun, little Snowman getup for him to wear!  This is actually the cozy little cocoon that put Sweet Bowen to sleep in the first place!  How adorable is he in this?!

And Mommy Love shots are always my matter what.

Bowen's mom is beautiful and sweet and it was so nice working with her.  She did NOT look like she just birthed a baby only 13 days prior!

What a precious gift...

Thank you for welcoming me into your home to photograph your handsome little man.  He was a dream to photograph and snuggle!  What a gorgeous family you are!  Best wishes to you on your future endeavors.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Roberson Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

This is another one of those families who I have had the pleasure of photographing through the different stages of their relationship.  They were one of my first sessions I photographed when I started this business when I did their engagement session.  Then, I did some photographs on their wedding day and when Levi was a chubby 6 month old.  And now Levi is a busy toddler and I was thrilled to photograph them again!

They are such a beautiful family and I am happy to call them friends!

And they know how to make beautiful babies...that's for sure!

He has amazing eyes!

He is a busy boy and so smart!  It was so much fun running around with him and witnessing how incredibly loved he is!

It couldn't have been a more gorgeous fall evening to capture this gorgeous family in pictures!

Thank you Seth, Amanda and Levi for letting me spend some time with you this weekend!  It is always so wonderful to see you and fills me with such joy that you have given me the opportunity to capture your beautiful growing family each step of the way!  Much love to you guys!

The Smith Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I was pretty excited when this awesome family contacted me to photograph them.  I make a trip to Des Moines once or twice a year to do photo sessions and due to time constraints, I have a limited amount of availability.  It's kind of a first come first serve deal and so I was happy this family got in the mix!

Emily and Craig have been friends with my husband, Sean for years.  I met them through him way back when Sean and I started dating.  I have never had the opportunity to meet their adorable children until this last weekend when I photographed all of them!

And they are SUCH ADORABLE and GREAT kids!!!

They have their differences though... ;)

Cora was great in front of the camera...she totally liked workin' it! Ha.  I have to say though, she was also great BEHIND the camera.  And I am not even kidding.  I usually help kids take a picture or two if they want, but she actually WORKED my camera...on manual.  I told her the button on the back to push in order to focus the shot, gave her some quick instruction, put the strap around her neck and let her work.

And I almost don't even feel right putting my watermark on this image.  I didn't even take it!  I was not even TOUCHING the camera...this was all her.  I edited it, but didn't crop it either.  I mean, c'mon...that is pretty amazing!  This girl needs a camera for Christmas.  And I may want her to be my apprentice...she's got skill I tell you!  It certainly helps that Jackson is one seriously good looking little stud!

Yup, these two were as fun as they are adorable!

The whole family was!

And this shot...oh melts my heart! 

I love this too!

And sometimes you get the shot...even when it isn't planned.  You do what ya gotta do and a lot of times it just works! :)

And since they're a house full of Vikings fans, the shoot wasn't complete without some shots where they were representing their team!

Thank you Emily, Craig, Cora and Jackson!  I had so much fun working with you guys. :)  Glad the rain held off for us!  It was so great seeing you again and meeting your adorable children finally!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Luckenbach Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

What a great family I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing!
Even their dog was amazing!
I think it's smiling...doesn't it look like it?! :)

2 1/2 can sometimes be a difficult age to photograph.  Sweet Elliott was far from difficult to photograph.  What a doll he was!  We had a great time playing on this beautiful fall day!

He is all boy!  Loves sticks, leaves, running, football.  And he was sweet and as you can clearly see, ADORABLE to boot!

And that is probably because he has a wonderful mom and dad!  These two were just so laid back and easy to work with.  And they are so in love...and one of my favorite things is photographing two people who are in love.

Though I just met this family for this session and we only spent an hour together, I learned very quickly that this family is as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside...

I am in LOVE with this Mommy Love shot! 

And the ONLY thing that would have made this shot more perfect (in MY personal opinion!) is if this gorgeous, football loving family had been sporting Hawkeye gear! ;)

However, I must say...if ANYTHING could make me like Michigan, it might be this image.

Thank you Luckenbach family for letting me spend some time photographing your family!  It was such a pleasure to meet you.  What a beautiful family you have and such an incredible little boy!  You made my job easy! :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Leonard Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I was so excited to FINALLY get this family in front of my lens!
I've been friends with them for a couple of years now and it finally worked out!

These kids are fully of personality!
Made for a great photo session! ;)

And BOTH of their eyes...I did NO edits on.  For reals...their eyes are just THAT amazing!

Handsome Brady...

Beautiful Kiley...

We are so blessed by the friendship we have with these two... 

And one of the many shots I got of this family that was fact, MOST of the shots I got were quite "real".  Those are my favorites anyway! :)

Thank you guys for FINALLY allowing me to photograph you!  We definitely picked a beautiful, fall day for it!!!
Love you guys!

The DeCook Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

This family is so special to me.
It helps that they are a beautiful family and my camera loves them!

I would adopt these girls...only then they couldn't marry my boys, so that wouldn't be good! LOL

Daddy Love with his littlest girl...

The big girls...

 This girl is so beautiful...I adore Sweet PhiPhi!

Pretty Chloe is like the female version of our Wesley.  She is full of spunk for sure!  Love her!

And beautiful Ava is the sweetest thing ever.  Oh my, I want her to be my daughter...or my daughter in law will do! ;)

Mommy Love...

And this picture tops my list of favorite images ever captured.  I am in love with it!
Thank you for being such amazing friends...thank you for allowing me to capture you photographically once again!  Love you guys so much!