Monday, July 19, 2010

The Poley Family - Des Moines Family Photographer

I've known these 2 before they were a family.
I may have had something to do with their getting together. ;)
So I might be....ahem....just a little responsible for the producing of this unbelievably gorgeous family.
Just sayin'.

I believe this is just after I said, "why don't you hop on John's back, Melissa?!"
John responded with something along the lines of, "let's not do that."
As you can see, he was totally against it...

I totally think it was his favorite part of the photo session!
So much for not liking the idea!

Their 2 boys...Landon and (the newest addition) Stone...

And let's not forget the dog, Cruso!

Thank you so much John and Melissa for being such great sports!

Landon - Des Moines Childrens Photographer

He may end up becoming a model some day.
He was workin' it like no other 5 year old would have!

Stone - Des Moines Baby Photographer

Oh Sweet Stone!
He is almost 8 weeks old.
And because his parents are my good friends, not only did I get to take photos of him, but I got to have some serious snuggle time with him too!

Andrew and Family - Des Moines Family Photographer

This little man does not help the baby fever that I have been experiencing!
He was a pleasure to photography...super easy and happy! And LOOK at those eyes!

And his proud Mommy and Daddy were about as "go with the flow" as it gets!
It made for quite the easy photo shoot!

It was a pleasure working with you and your gorgeous son!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carly - Des Moines Baby Photographer

MMMMMM...gotta love chubby babies!!!
Sweet, 6 month old Carly is definitely a joy to photograph.
Lots of yummy baby rolls, and man those cheeks!

"C" is for Carly...

Can't wait to take photos of this little love bug as she gets older!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Recker Family Fun - Quad City Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of traveling a bit north to take some family photos for this amazing family...

They were TROOPERS!
It was so much fun...for me.
I can't speak for them though! :)

And these two will celebrate their 35th anniversary this year.
They have built such an amazing much fun, and such giving people.
They even sent me home with a plate of "goodies" when I left!
Can't beat that!!!

And these two sweeties were quite the little super models.
They know what to do in front of the lens!

Can you tell that this mother and father are proud of their beautiful daughters?
Well they are...and they should be.

I love fun, spontaneous subjects...

I could have taken pictures of these beauties all day...

Happy (ahem) 4oth Birthday Ed!
Thank you for being such great models for me.
And thank you for the "goodies"!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Tyler - Quad City Childrens Photographer

Oh the personality in this little nephew of mine!
Gotta love it!
Most times I like shots like this better than the smiling ones...

There's just nothing better than capturing that true personality of a child.
This little boy is full of can't be taught people, it just pours out of him naturally!
Love him.