Monday, April 22, 2013

Sweet, New Beckham - Quad Cities Infant Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Sweet Beckham in the hospital. What a doll...though the youngest of 4 boys, his Momma loved on him and gazed at him as though he was her first. :)
I have a thing with baby them!

Oh and baby heads too. :)

Eek!!!  That sweet face!!!  I can't hardly stand it!

And then a few days later, I went to their home for a photo session with all of their brood...and the calm was gone!  And I LOVED it!  It felt like I was in my own home! :)  I love little boys and their little roudy, rambunctious ways.  It helps that these boys are each so stinkin' adorable!

In the hospital, I was pretty certain that Beckham couldn't get more adorable in just a few days...I was wrong!

The Baby Brother, the Big Brother, the Bigger Brother and the Biggest Brother...

And more feet...that's a lot of boy day they won't be so cute and likely much more stinky!

Love this family and so glad I've had the pleasure to photograph them as they've grown!

Congratulations Wade, Erin, Gavin, Cooper and Quinn on your new precious addition.
Welcome Beckham!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Awesome Twins! - Quad Cities Children Photographer

This was my first meeting with 3 year old twins, Jonathon and Alaina.  If you're anything like me and know how hard it can be to photograph children, the thought of photographing 3 year old twins would make you nervous.  I always want to deliver images that my clients will cherish and LOVE, not just like.  I know that it can be difficult to get even one 3 year old to willingly look at me with a genuine smile on his/her face, let alone TWO!  I said a prayer and headed out in the brisk weather to my session.
Oh my, these 2 (and their parents) were AWESOME!  Smiling from the moment their parents pulled them out of their car, I knew instantly that this session would go JUST fine! :) 

I mean, it was chilly to say the least and I was hoping the session would go super smoothly as to not make these two and their poor parents be outside for too long.  It went better than I could have dreamed and they cooperated from beginning to end with smiles on their faces nearly the entire time.  I am not going to lie...I could have just loaded them up in my car and taken them home with me! :)

Sweet Alaina was so obedient and immediately did whatever I asked of her!

She and her brother have incredible eyes...

I love this shot of her, mid air.  I asked her to show me how high she could jump, so she did...over and over.  I love it! :)

And Jonathon had the BEST laugh!  During a little race between he and Alaina, he bit the dust pretty hard.  In about 3.2 seconds, he was smiling and laughing again...

Those eyes...eek!

I think my favorite shots are the REAL moments captured.  Those moments that display who they are at this age.  I asked Jonathon to kiss his sister...he licked her cheek instead...pretty much the same thing. ;)

However, like a lady, there was no licking for Alaina...just a sweet kiss while her brother giggled.
LOVE this shot too!

Oh man, had it been warmer, I don't know that I could have stopped clicking that shutter!  It was so fun spending some time with these 2 and their parents were amazing and laid back and willing to let me drag them around wherever I wanted.  Such a great family...I could tell in just the short time I was with them.

Thank you guys for kicking off my spring photo sessions with a BANG!  Loved meeting you all and hope to see you again!