Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lincoln - Quad Cities Newborn Photographer

And then there were 5...5 boys!

Erin and Wade gave  birth to their 5th boy, Lincoln a couple of weeks ago and I got to snap some pictures of them when he was still only 16 hours new!  I love sessions like this, in the hospital, of babies fresh from God.

It was nice to get some pictures of these two in the peace and quiet of their room with their littlest man...though I can't wait until the spring when I get to photograph their entire brood! :)

I love all of the little features on babies!  And Lincoln has a serious head of hair!

The photo session tired him out! ;)  It's tough being a model!

Congratulation Wade, Erin, Gavin, Cooper, Quinn and Beckham on your newest family member!  He is so gorgeous and perfect!  Can't wait to see you all in the spring for your family pictures!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monroe is 6 months old - Quad Cities Baby Photographer

Oh my how I love this girl!  I watched her come into this world and cannot believe that she is now 6 months old!!!

What a beauty!

I love 6 months...they are adorable and smiley and chubby and eat their feet...

They drool all over the place....I love my a drooly picture!

They are usually not able to get around yet very quickly, but still have so much personality!

This little girl is perfect...

Oh, Monroe...how did you become 6 months old already?!?!  Can't wait to watch you grow and change even more!
Love you, Sweet Girl!

Hudson is 1! - Quad Cities Children Photographer

You all likely recognize this little man's gorgeous face by now!  I have had the pleasure of documenting not only his birth and images of his family meeting him for the first time, but his newborn, 3, 6 and 9 month photos as well as his first birthday party!

He is such a gorgeous little boy!  I could snuggle him all day long!

He loves his Elmo! :)

Love these smiles!

And then we brought the cake out...

Not so sure...

He didn't like the cake and his mom and grandma tried to make him see just how good it was...

We were all laughing SO HARD...everyone, but Hudson! Ha!

They were determined to get him to eat it and he was determined to NOT eat the cake! SO hysterical!

At least someone was interested in eating the cake...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Hudson!  You make my heart smile and it has been so fun photographing your first year!