Friday, June 20, 2014

Life's A Beach - Quad Cities Family Photographer

Jamie and I have known each other for quite sometime now.  We met at a previous job and hit it off right away...the rest is history! :)

We both had our own personal photography businesses for a few years before deciding to join forces for Vantage Nine19, our wedding photography business.  Annually, we take family photos of each other and THIS year, we are vacationing in Florida together so what better place than here to do our photo swap?!

Oh, and it was Jamie's birthday yesterday when I did her pictures!

Jamie is such an amazing friend, we "get" each other...always have.  We have the same humor and love to laugh together.  We are not mushy gushy at all with each other...we are HONEST with each other always though and know that we are each able to take each other's criticism and also praise.

I love her though.  And I think she might think I am an okay friend too. ;)  lol

She has been such a blessing in my life and her friendship means so much to me, so to be able to celebrate HER and photograph her with her beautiful family while on vacation with my family has been just so special and fun and exciting!

And these were the first moments that her boys saw the ocean, ever.

They are amazing parents and have amazing little boys!

Love you guys and am so happy we are here together!  We look forward to more vacations down here with you all in the future! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Strength ~ Courage ~ Hope ~ Love - Quad Cities Family Photographer

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words, but I am going to attempt to put some words to these special images!

This is Barbara...

...and she is a 15 year breast cancer survivor!

Yesterday was the Race for the Cure and her incredible family participated in her honor...and they are so incredible!

This is just a small portion of the wonderful people she gets to call family and the group that I had the honor of photographing yesterday!

Look how much love there is between Nana and Grandchildren.
I love this image!

And each grandchild happily hopped into Nana's lap and loved up on her for pictures!
I adore each and every one of these images and the love that just jumps off of them!

Barbara with her daughters Heather and Heidi, who is also a 16 year cancer survivor!
See, incredible, right?!?!!

You can kind of tell they're related. ;)

Heidi with her 3 beautiful children...

Heather with her 2 beautiful children...

A fun shot to end the session...

It never ceases to amaze me how special of a job I have.  To capture such incredible people photographically so they have images to cherish for years to come is just such an incredible honor!  I am always repeating myself over and over again about how amazing my job is and how much it means to me that each of my clients trusts me to capture the images that I hope they hold dear, but I mean it every single time.  I am so blessed to get to do this!

So thank you Barbara, Heidi and Heather for spending some time with me yesterday!  Yo

The Dillie Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I am so thrilled to finally share images from this special session I shot a couple of weeks ago!

Sean's Nurse Manager at work contacted me to take these pictures and asked if I could keep them a secret from Sean until they announced their pregnancy.  Turns out, I tell Sean everything and this task was going to be a lot harder than I expected!  I did it though and he was shocked. :)

It was so hard to keep these images a secret because I adore them so much!
What a beautiful family!!!

And this little Sweetie is so loved and going to be an amazing big sister!

My camera loved this stunning!

Bryan and Codie were so fun to photograph...their love for each other was so evident and beautiful...

Thank you guys for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family and trusting me to photograph such a special time for you all!  Glad I was able to keep it a secret! ;)  I am so happy for you all as you venture into being a family of 4!!!  Congratulations!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Honest Wellness Center - Quad Cities Photographer

It's so fun to get the opportunity now and again to do photography that's a little different than what I am used to photographing.  This session was so nice and relaxed.  Dr. Sherry Brewer is a holistic practitioner who will soon be opening Honest Wellness Center here in the QCA!  We talked a lot about this exciting venture and I have to tell you, she and her team are amazing!  What a great practice it is going to be!

She is such a warm, kind woman who I am sure is and will be loved by all of her patients!  We sure had a great time together and I forgot more than once that I was actually supposed to be working and photographing her!  It was like we were just having some girl time in the park!

These images will be gracing her website once it is up and running!  I can't wait to share it with you all when it is ready!

It is such an honor that you put your trust in me to capture these images that will represent this amazing practice.  What a blessing you will be to so many people!  Best wishes in this new venture with Honest Wellness Center!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Mathis Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family on a gorgeous evening last week!

They were amazing subjects and we had a great time exploring the Pioneer Village!

It's not always easy to get a shot of a family with small children, all looking at the camera, but for this family, it was no sweat!

Happy parents make for a happy family...they've clearly got that mastered! :)


I love pictures of Mommies and Daddies with their kids...

Kinsley was a tiny bundle of adorableness!
Those cheeks, those eyes, THAT HAIR!

Big Sister Riley was such a great big sister and clearly adored by her sisters!

And Ava was the ham of the 3 girls!  Adorable!

I couldn't forget to capture Mom and Dad...and perfect timing as they just celebrated their 7 year anniversary!

And I just adore this shot...real life with kiddos!

Thank you for spending time with me and being so amazing to photograph!

And a very Happy Anniversary to you both!!!