Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Paul - Class of 2018 - Quad Cities Senior Photographer

Paul was such a sweet kid.  He wasn't a huge fan of smiling for his pictures (at first!), but he was super cooperative and kind and laid back.  It was great to photograph him...especially after he loosened up a short bit into the session! :)

Right after I snapped this picture I may have said, "WAIT!  You have a dimple?!  Oh my, we are done with the serious face now that I know that!"

And from that point on, I made him smile a lot more than he probably would have liked!  Ha!

There was a quite a bit of laughing...he may have been laughing AT me, but whatever works!

Thank you, Paul for putting up with me!  I had so much fun photographing you and just in the short time we spent together, I know you are going to do great things with your life.  Enjoy this last year of high school and best wishes on your future endeavors!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alyssa and Kyle - Quad Cities Maternity Photographer

Alyssa and Kyle's maternity session was pure magic.
Everything was perfect and I enjoyed meeting them and photographing them SO much!  Their little man is one lucky baby to be entering this family in a few short weeks!  He is going to have the most fun and loving Mommy and Daddy!

I love love loved this session!

There was excitement and anticipation...

There was joy and laughter...

There was so much love and lots of snuggles...

There was incredible beauty and awe...

And dancing...there was some serious dancing!

And the gorgeous sky (and gorgeous couple!) didn't hurt one bit!

I am so excited for the two of you!  You will make the BEST parents and I know you will make a beautiful baby...that is OBVIOUS! :)  Can't wait to hear the news that your little man has arrived.  I look forward to you seeing ALL of your images!

Audrey ~ Class of 2018 - Quad Cities Senior Portrait Photographer

Audrey is stunning!  We had a gorgeous evening for her session and I so enjoyed photographing her.  I am so thrilled she chose me to do her Senior Portraits for her!

I loved grabbing shots of Audrey laughing...she scrunches up her nose when she laughs and it was so adorable, so I got a lot of shots of her that way! :)

I always love it when Moms and/or Dads want pictures with their child who is about to complete this chapter of their lives and head off to college.  Annette is such a beautiful person on the outside (obviously!) and just as beautiful on the inside and having her in front of my lens with Audrey was so much fun!

Audrey, it was SO FUN to photograph you.  You are a smart, sweet, beautiful girl and you have such a bright future ahead of you!  I am so excited to see what amazing things you do with your life.  Annette you must be SO proud!!!  Thank you girls for making the evening so fun and making my job so easy. :)