Friday, December 20, 2013

The Wait - Quad Cities Maternity Photographer


Danielle - Quad Cities Maternity Photographer

I love doing maternity photographs!  Pregnancy is just so beautiful...

And meeting Danielle and Evan was such a pleasure.  Such a great couple who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of little Hudson!

I love it when couples are willing to do whatever I ask.  It had snowed the day before our session and it was so white and pretty out.  Only there was one was SEVEN degrees...a bit chilly to say the least!

It was so freezing, but Danielle took her coat off like I asked and smiled through it all! :D

I can't wait to meet Hudson and photograph him!  Only 4 more weeks!!!
 Thank you Evan and Danielle for welcoming me into your home to photograph the 2 of you before your lives and worlds change forever!  So excited for you two and what is to come!  See you soon!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chu - Chu - Chu - Changes...

Wow…2013 has been a year for the books for Jennie Peakin Photography! I never knew that just 3 years after starting this journey, I would be so busy! And still, I truly think that I have the BEST clients…each of you has been a blessing to me and I thank you so much for allowing me into your world for a short time. It was so amazing to photograph each of you!

I am so excited for 2014! I started a wedding photography business, Vantage Nine19 with my friend and unbelievably talented photographer, Jamie Barry with Jamie Lynne Photography out of Des Moines. We are so excited about this new venture! Check out our website and our blog for more details! Between my growing personal photography business and the new addition of wedding photography, I am making some major equipment upgrades this year which will benefit each of you when you see the improved quality of your images going forward!

This year has brought some things to light for me, has made me realize that if I am going to do this right and grow this business as I want to, there are some changes that I need to make. I get so many return clients (which is the biggest compliment I could receive, so THANK YOU!) that I felt the need to put out there all of the changes as I know many of you expect certain things out of me because of what I have always delivered from the get go.

I know I used to give you 70, 80, 100 or more photos. I just want to apologize to you for making you do my job for me! Going forward I am going to really dig deep, look closely, and find the BEST 20-25 photos for you so you don't have to weed through so many of them. I know they are all so fun, but you came to me for artful photos to hang on your wall and from this point forward, every photo you get on your CD will be worth putting on your wall! :)  If you are sad about getting less photos and not getting some of those outtakes, I am very sorry I won't be able to deliver those to you any longer. By offering less photos on your CD I will get to fine tune those images in the bunch that are truly the best, spending more time really perfecting them. And maybe during the year I can offer some tips on how to get those "outtakes" right at home with your own camera! What you will continue to see from me are those candid, real moments captured. This will not is my style and what I know each of you expects from me and what I love to capture. So no worries, I will still stay away from too much of the posey pose shots that just aren't my style.

I will provide a Sneak Peek of each of my sessions on Facebook for my clients…this Sneak Peek will consist of a 1 or 2 images from the session. I have in years passed, shared several images from each session on Facebook and then shared several more on a blog post. Going forward, 1 or 2 images will be shared on Facebook within a couple days of the session and then when I create my blog post for the session, more images will be shared for you to view. I will no longer provide an emailed online album as I know that the majority of my clients don’t order from there anyway and would much prefer their images on the disk more quickly. Decreasing the number of edited images and eliminating some unnecessary steps will allow you to receive your disks in a more timely manner!  As always, my clients will receive a disk with their fully edited, high resolution images and a print release. This will remain the same. With those images, you will be able to print them wherever you wish.

I ventured into Senior Portrait photography in 2013 for the first time. I was blessed to have 3 incredible seniors to photograph and I loved doing it! I plan to take a very limited number of Senior Portrait sessions going forward. I want to always make sure I have time to fit in the family and children photography that I so love and with the addition of doing weddings several weekends a year, I plan to take only a small number of seniors each year.

There will be some minor pricing adjustments made as well…mostly just to streamline my pricing structure. This year, I will not have any major pricing increases though, as my adjustments made within the business will be more behind the scenes. My goal is always to provide you with the best quality product I can and with my equipment upgrade, my experience and my decision to pick only the very best 20-25 images from your session, I know that I can provide you with a better quality product in a more timely manner.

 I look forward to the new changes in 2014 and hopefully seeing each of your smiling faces in front of my (new and improved) lens this year! Thank you for helping to make 2013 such a great success for Jennie Peakin Photography!