Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gorgeous Siblings - Quad Cities Children Photographer

 This session was fun!  The crew kept with the theme of a fun session because the last time I photographed them, they were running around in super hero attire.

My camera loves this crew of stunning siblings!

The evening was gorgeous...honestly though, these kids can't take a bad picture!

Let's start with the baby.
Oh boy, he is one incredibly adorable little man!!!
He isn't a huge fan of the camera, but the antique tricycle he I took advantage of that!

What a gorgeous child!

Big sister.
This may be of my new favorite shots.
Simply stunning...

It was a challenge getting pictures of her without one of her little brothers trying to squeeze their way into frame! :)

And the ham of the family.
That smile, those eyes...that personality!
He's got it all!

Mr. A even had a sign that was just asking to be in a picture with him!

And the big brother.
He didn't dish out smiles easily, but he didn't have to.
He is gorgeous no matter the expression...

However, when he did give me a smile...I was ready for it!
I think he had more fun than he let on!

What an awesome crew!

The evening couldn't have been more perfect, the location, the light, a group of attractive children who are full of personality...just doesn't get much better than that!

Thank you again for being amazing subjects!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Betsy - Quad Cities Senior Portrait Photographer

I only take a select few Senior Portrait sessions each year and am amazed every time I do one at how blessed I have been with the most cooperative and attractive seniors!  They are always so mature and fun and out of the norm of what I usually photograph and though I adore photographing families, small children and infants, it's fun to step out and do something a little different now and again!

Betsy is gorgeous...period.

I knew the minute I saw her that my camera would love her!

And I was right!  She was so much fun to photograph!  I swear, this girl can't take a bad picture!

Betsy is the entire, talent, brains, kind, genuine...she was a blast to hang out with for a couple of hours and it didn't take but just a couple of minutes to see that she has a very bright future ahead of her!

Oh, and did I mention that she's also an athlete?!  Well why wouldn't she be?!  She's got it all! :)

And you are looking at a girl who aspires to be an Orthopedic Surgeon!  Wow...what an amazing girl!

Loyola will be lucky to have her!

Thank you so much for hanging out with me, Betsy!  I can't wait to hear of all that you do with your life!  You are an amazing girl and have an incredible future ahead of you!  Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes as you attain your goals for the future!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sam - Quad Cities Senior Portrait Photographer

 Senior Portraits are often pretty fun and simple to photograph.  In comparison to chasing little ones around trying to snap pictures of them when often times there are tears and tantrums.  I was warned by Sam's mom that he was not looking forward to getting his Senior Portraits taken.  What teenage boy looks forward to that though?!  The majority of them don't love getting their pictures taken!

Sam was super cooperative though and I assured him that I would be fast as long as he cooperated! :)

And so he did!  He did everything I asked and didn't complain once!

And I even got some genuine smiles out of him!

And this series of pictures just makes me happy!

I think I got the most genuine smiles out of Sam when I photographed him with his mom!

Congratulations on your graduation, Sam!  Good luck to you as you start your collegiate journey as a Cyclone at Iowa State!