Friday, April 15, 2011

The McLeod Family: Quad City Family Photographer

Do you remember THIS family?

Well, they live in Alabama and scheduled a session with me several weeks ago for when they came back to Iowa. Problem is, we scheduled it on the worst possible day for weather...tons of rain and dark out. With no time to reschedule before they headed back to Alabama, I decided I would do an indoor shoot for them. I used my flash...ugh. I hate using my flash...doesn't usually make for great pictures. I am a natural light photographer, but with this adorable family, the lack of natural light we had doesn't bother me!

So let's sart with the middle child, Cooper...And the oldest, Gavin...

Brothers... And the baby, Quinn...

You should have heard me yelling all 3 boys names to try and get them to all look at me at the same time! It was so loud in the room! :)

And Daddy with his 3 cute!!!!

And Mommy with her sons...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ayla Lyn-3 1/2: Quad City Area Children Photographer

This isn't the first time this beauty has graced the pages of this blog and it won't be the last!

She's my niece, and my camera is in love with her (as am I!). :)

And my doggie niece Willow got to join her for part of the photo shoot!