Monday, November 22, 2010

McLeod Boys - Quad City Children Photographer

I got Mommy in a couple of the pictures and I couldn't resist starting with this one.
Do you think she has her hands full?
I think she has her hands (and heart) FULL of love!
Look at those 3
3 gorgeous, healthy boys who have an amazing family are who I got the pleasure to photograph today.

I can hardly stand the handsomeness!
We have Gavin (age 4), Cooper (age 2) and Quinn (age 6 weeks)...

The two oldest...

He is a doll!
Super cooperative, sweet and obedient.
He was a blast!

And then there is Cooper.
Super busy, curious, adorable and either silly or serious...I didn't get much in between with him.
He was addicting to photograph!

Can you say baby fever?!!
I can FEEL it!
Wow...little Quinn.
SUPER laid back, serious and gorgeous!
And I cannot believe this BIG boy is only 6 weeks!
He made my heart go pitter patter something serious!

These boys are blessed with an amazing family who I have the pleasure of knowing, but something tells me that their family are the ones who feel blessed!
Thank you for letting me photograph your stunning children!
I may be back soon with another post of your kiddos because I don't think I'll be able to contain myself!

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