Monday, October 19, 2020

The Smith Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

This family is so beautiful.  I love having them in front of my lens.  Their girls have the most gorgeous, piercing eyes that my camera just loves.  I have been photographing them since there were just 3 of them!  It's been so fun to watch their family and now their beautiful girls grow and change.  We took advantage of the fall colors this year and just had fun playing and singing and dancing!

Check out their sneaks below!

Thank you for hanging out in front of my lens again this year!  I can't wait for you to see all of your images!


Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Wells Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

It's always so fun to meet and photograph new families...especially when they are as awesome and fun as this crew was!  And just look at how adorable they all look together with the fall colors!!!  Gahhhh, loved how their colors just popped in the gorgeous fall setting!  They decided to have their kiddos photographed doing what they love, which I LOVED!  Isn't that the point of pictures after all?  Freezing in time how your children are at that point in their life!  We did JUST that!  Daxton fished for me and showed me all of his fishing gear, Loxli got dressed up in front of her mirror, spun around in her Belle dress and just rocked her little girly time and Huxlan played, threw, catch and sat on all of the balls that he loves to play with!  It was so fun!

Check out their sneaks below!

 Thank you all for standing in front of my lens and giving me the honor of freezing in time your love and all of the things your kids love!  It was so fun!  Cannot wait for you to see ALL of the images!

The Cutler Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I just ADORE this family!  I have been present as their photographer during many important moments in their lives!  Watching their adorable children grow year after year is so fun!  The only child of these 4 that I didn't get to watch and photograph as they entered this world was their oldest...and even though I wasn't there, I still just feel a connection to her too.  I'm not sure if it's because she is her mom's TWIN and because I have known her mom since I was a child having gone to school together or if it's just because she is the sweetest, but I feel connected to this family in a special way.

I love photographing them on their gorgeous property and we had the perfect evening for their session.  We even recreated an image on their gravel road that I took a couple of years ago and MY how a couple of years changes things!!! :)

Check out their Sneak Peeks below!

Thank you guys for always being so awesome to photograph, so welcoming and kind!  I just love your family and your kids are as gorgeous on the INSIDE as they are on the outside!  Watching them grow and change is so fun!  And my wreath, Sarah!!!!  I love it so much!  You all exude love and light and joy and having you in front of my lens is such an honor!