Monday, August 23, 2010

Siblings - Quad City Children Photographer

I got to watch all 3 of these kiddos this weekend while their Mom and Dad had a weekend alone!
I think I had more fun than anyone else involved!
Then, it dawned on me that a surprise photo shoot for their Mom and Dad could be for me that is! :)
They did wonderfully during our super short, 15 minute photo shoot.

They are 3 of the sweetest kids!
Introducing: Nalani (6), Brigg (9) and Ayla (2)...
These 2 girls ADORE their big brother and he adores them right back!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Delaney and Olivia : Quad City Children Photographer

These 2 girls are about as cooperative as 2 girls can be for pictures!
They loved every second of it.
We had to rush as to avoid the major rain storm that was on its way in, so their cooperation was much appreciated!

And they are quite the fashionistas!

I found out what an amazing backdrop Florida is when shooting these 2!
Palm trees in Iowa please!

Boone - 3 months : Quad City Baby Photographer

Boone could be one of the most calm and smiley babies I know!
Oh my goodness I love him!
Since I'm his favorite aunt (well at least that's what I'm claiming!) he loves it when I take his picture. :)

I love his chubby hand in this one...

And check out the chubby left shoulder in this one!
Love it...