Monday, September 30, 2013

We finally met - Quad Cities Family Photographer

A few years ago, Dina and I became friends on Facebook.  She had worked with my husband at his previous job and between her knowing about our family through him and our interaction on Facebook, I felt like I knew her already!

We finally met for the first time for this photo session...and it had been something like 8 years since her family had a family portrait made!  I was happy to be the one to photograph them. :)

And their story isn't mine to tell, but it's amazing and beautiful and special.

And being a mother of boys myself, I do love photographing boys...even though usually they aren't always the biggest fans of being photographed.  I was wrong with their youngest son, Jonathon though...he was a HAM!  SUPER fun to photograph...I laughed so much during our session! :)

The dads and teenage or tween boys are a struggle to photograph so when I saw this image, I was thrilled!  A candid image of the big boys! Love.

Dina and her baby boy. <3 nbsp="" p="">

As usual, it was yet another fun session in the park where I just felt like I was hanging with a really great family and happened to be snapping pictures at the same time!  I love my job!
Thank you for allowing me to capture your wonderful family, Dina!  It was SO NICE to finally meet you in person!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Molly's Senior Portraits - Quad Cities Photographer

This was my first attempt at Senior Portraits.  I've photographed teenage girls before within family sessions, but I was nervous.  I mean, pretty much until I walked up and met beautiful Molly and her amazing mom.  The nerves went away.

I mean, who wouldn't want to photograph this beautiful girl?!

It was so much fun and Molly was amazing to work with!

With my style of photography, I am not one to pose my subjects.  I will direct them a bit, but typically there are other people that my subjects are able to interact with in pictures and I am able to capture those candid moments.  So images of just one subject can be difficult.

Not for Molly!  She knew just what to do in front of the camera and followed my instructions with a smile on her face. :)

My camera loved her...

And her mom was amazing as well.  And I was able to capture a few images of mom and her baby.
Love this shot...

What a great way to break me into Senior Portraits!  Not sure where this will lead or if I will do many Senior Portraits each year, but at least I have a bit more of a feel for it now and actually can say that I enjoyed it!  I have 2 more sessions this fall that I am now really looking forward to!

Thank you Molly and Karen for being so wonderful to work with!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Sierer Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

Samantha is my baby, Cason's teacher.  It's funny...Samantha sees my kids on a regular basis, she is in my home and sees them (and me!) at their best and at their worst.  And I am always apologizing for their behaviors.  Samantha is always reassuring me that it is not big deal, she's a mom to a toddler too!

And then she was doing the same thing to me while I was working for HER in photographing her beautiful family.  And there I was saying, "you know I get've seen my kids!"

And honestly, Eden was an angel.
She is so beautiful too!

And she has a pretty awesome Mommy and Daddy!

I kind of want her outfit...for myself.
She has some style!

I love sessions with families who I've photographed before.  They know how I work and we usually just end up hanging out and chatting and laughing for an hour while I am snapping pictures!

And then moments like this are captured and I am one happy camper!

Thanks again Sam, Adam and Eden!