Friday, August 31, 2012

13 Years Later - Quad Cities Children Photographer

I was so excited when the mommy of these 2 cuties asked me to photograph her children. You see, we went to highschool together, we attended our junior prom together in the same group, my memories of her are from when we were 16, 17 and 18 yeas old! We never spoke after highschool for no other reason than that life just grabbed us and we went our own ways, but thankfully Facebook reconnected us. It was so much fun to see her again and meet her adorable children!
It's true that every time I have a photoshoot I think, "how do I manage to get to photograph the cutest kids?!?!"  I am so lucky!
Madi and Aidan were so much fun to hang out with...such sweet kiddos.
Little Madi has already been through a lot in her 3 months of life so far, but she is a strong girl and amazingly gorgeous to boot!

Aidan is such a curious kid.  He is SOCIAL!  He is all 3!  This makes my job easy peasy!  We just ran around and played for a few while, I let him take some pictures with my camera and we were buds!

He was vigorously blowing on this dandelion...this picture cracks me up!

The shoot was just for the kids, but I couldn't resist my token "mommy love" shot.

And there is not just love coming from mommy...there's LOTS of love to go around in this family!

Thank you thank you, Corrine for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your beauties.  It was great getting to catch up after 13 years!  Let's not go that long again. :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

hard to find the words - Quad Cities Family Photographer

When you have a child with special needs, many times they come with an entourage of therapists and doctors.  Sometimes these doctors and therapists are so specialized that you don't have many options to choose from and you may be "stuck" with someone who you just don't mesh well with.  However, your child needs this person and so you deal with it.  I know this feeling.  I will say that we have been unbelievably blessed with incredible people to care for our baby.

Andrea tops the list.  It's hard to find the words to describe our gratitude for her.  She is amazing and has done unfathomable things for our son's developement.  It's something we will never be able to repay her for, nor will we ever be able to thank her enough.  We are all blessed to have her as part of our lives and not only is she incredibly amazing with our little man, but I actually really LIKE her! :)  I look forward to her coming into our home each week...and without fail, we have seen her once a week since the week we met our baby.  The day that he no longer needs her will be bitter sweet because as weird as this may sound, I will miss her and I KNOW our baby boy will miss her too.  He adores her and has known her longer than even I have!  She has worked with him weekly since he was only a few months old...she knows a part of his life that we will never know.  To say we are grateful for her would be a gigantic understatement.

Meet our baby's incredible Physical Therapist Andrea and her absolutely adorable family!
Her family was super fun to photograph and with 2 boys ages 1 and 2 1/2, I got my workout for the night just by chasing them around! :)

And her husband Chris was pretty fantastic.  I've said this before, but it's not rare that the husband is harder to work with than the kids!  Chris was a trooper and never complained or batted an eye.

These brothers were virtually impossible to get in a picture together...they were busy, but they were fun and as you can plainly see, incredibly gorgeous boys!

I kinda wanted to sweep Bryce up and just take his little spunky self right home with me.  I mean, he would have freaked out because he wasn't terribly fond of my big, black contraption I kept pointing at him while chasing him around, but he would have fit RIGHT in with our crazy brood of boys!

What a gorgeous child...

And Blake...well he took about .35 seconds to warm up and then you could find him jumping right into my frame every chance he got.  He LOVED being in front of my camera, but I will say he may have liked being behind it just a bit more.  He loved snapping pictures of his mommy and daddy with my camera...he actually got some good ones too!

If you ask me, he belongs IN FRONT of the camera though...look at those dimples!!!

And the token "REAL LIFE" image.  I got several of these and I must say, they are my favorites of the bunch.  Maybe it's the fact that I have busy boys myself, but I love me a photo that captures what life was really like at that point in time.
I think this one captures it...

Thank you Krueger Family for spending a little bit of time running around the park with me!
And thank you, Andrea for making such an impact on our baby's life!