Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inspiring - Quad City Family Photographer

It's hard to know where to begin with this family.

Sometimes there are just families who are inspiring to me when I photograph them. I have been blessed to photograph many families like that. This family had me snapping pictures like crazy. However, the beauty of this family runs deep. They are inspiring in so many more ways than just photographically.

I am blessed to call these people friends.

And just when this family couldn't have possibly gotten more beautiful, they welcomed their gorgeous daughter into their family less than a year ago. Does she not just fit in perfectly?!

And the, what a perfect find! I mean, it was as though I snuck to this wall before their shoot and spray painted these words onto the wall just for them. I promise, I didn't. :)

I am in love with the love that is pouring out of this picture...

And the children that this gorgeous couple is raising are such amazing kids! Wow...I need parenting lessons from these two for sure!


This handsome little man is one smart cookie! He couldn't have been more cooperative and fun to photograph.


And this adorable guy is the most even keeled 4 year old I have ever met. He just never gets worked up about anything! Pretty much the opposite of my little man, but yet a friendship between these two just works. Opposites attract maybe? :)


And this stunner. Wow...her beauty is incredible. She is one of the spunkiest little girls I've ever met. She is one tough little girl. I don't believe she has any fear at all. I love it...she can make me laugh like no other year and a half year old. What a blessing to this family she is and what a blessing this family is to her!

I am pretty much in love with this image...

It was a blast being able to work with this family. They allowed me the freedom to photograph them however I wanted and were unbelievably cooperative and willing to do whatever I asked of them.

To know this family is such a blessing. They would literally give the shirts off of their back to anyone. They make me want to be better. And I'm not sure they really know how incredible they are.

And if there were more people like this family, the world would be a much better place.

Thank you Jake, Leslie, Oliver, Elihu and Sintayehu! I hope you know how inspiring you are to so many people! To say that it was a joy to photograph you would be an understatement and to say that you have blessed my life just being in it would be an even bigger understatement.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Repeat Customers - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I photographed this family almost exactly a year ago to the day of photographing them this year. My how things change in a year! :)

One thing that doesn't change is Dad's enthusiasm during our little photoshoot. Just like last year, he wouldn't have rather been anywhere else! ;) Ha. This is a common occurance for Dads during photoshoots.

Really though, he was such a was the entire family. I mean, it may be hard to tell in these images, but the temperatures were brisk to say the least!

In true supermodel form, they braved the wind and cold and smiled through the pain.

This one has matured about 5 years since last year. She is a mini clone of her mother...personality and all! :)

Oh my goodness, the cuteness of these 2 boys is out of control!

If only you knew how perfect this sign was for this little man. Love it!

It was such a fun time spent with this great family!

Thanks again, guys! Same time next year?! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

A glimpse into my future - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I have always kind of wanted a daughter. No, I have always REALLY wanted a daughter. I just kind of pictured having one since I was a little girl. Then we adopted Tate. I started to really like being a mommy to a little fact, I stopped thinking about having a daughter one day and instead thought, "hmmm, I think I could handle being a mommy to a clan of boys! That might be fun!"

I love having a boy and as we grow our family again, I am now envisioning more boys for children. I am excited about what our household may look like if it were filled with boys.

I got a glimpse into what it may look like when I had the joy of photographing the Hardy Family.

Call me crazy, but sometimes I get emotional when I look at some of the images I capture. I just can't help it sometimes...something strikes me that hits me to the core. There are several images from this shoot with the Hardy Family that I feel that way about.

I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of photographing this super fun, silly, rambunctious family! And their amazing, laid back mother, Jenifer is so unbelievable...I mean, she makes me want to be a mommy to 3 boys. She was born to the mother of boys, that's for sure!

There is something about this picture that I am in love with! You all know by now that my favorite images are the super candid ones...well, this would be an example. A beautiful mother, surrounded by a bunch of crazy boys! We even joked about how Bob was pretty much one of the kids! He was just as roudy as the youngsters were. :)

Grandma and Grandpa were even part of the session as well. These boys ADORE their grandparents and willingly voiced to me how "cool" they are! And they were!!!

The Hardy Boys :)

Nick - 13 years old...

Zack - 10 years old...

Luke - 6 years old...

It was truly such a pleasure to photograph your family Jenifer and Bob!

I'd still happily take a girl, but I am not even kidding when I say that this family single handedly solidified the fact for me that I could be just as happy as the only female in a house full of boys!

McCleary Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I have been waiting to photograph this family for months...literally!

Katie's mother purchased a gift certificate for her family session with me way back in the spring and we just got around to doing their session last weekend! It couldn't have been more perfect...the weather was amazing, the fall colors were beautiful and this family was so much fun!

I always kind of feel like I'm just on a little walk with my families that I photograph. My camera is kind of a permanent fixture on my body anyway, so the addition of that in my hand isn't something out of the ordinary for me. I love to learn about the families I am photographing, chat, laugh and play with the kids. :) It felt like we went on a pretty gorgeous walk this day, that's for sure!

And we just happened to get some adorable shots while we were at it...

Love it!

I believe this was taken as we were at the end of the session and walking back...I said, "okay, everybody look back at me!"

And nothing says 5 year old boy like this...

The inner supermodel came out of gorgeous Natalie with just a bit of coaxing...didn't take much!

And I was right in my comfort zone with this handsome dude, Joe. He is only 3 days younger than my little man and it just happened to be his birthday this day!

Oh and these 2 were so adorable together...

And one last family shot for ya...

Thank you Katie, Chad, Natalie and Joe for a fun hour!

And Happy Birthday, Joe...hope you had a great time at Fun City!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ackermans - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I have mentioned before that there is a common trend with my clients...and I am beginning to realize that it's just how it's going to be. Plain and simple, Jennie Peakin Photography attracts some of the most laid back, gorgeous families, couples and children in Iowa.

For reals.

Case and point...

So what is the deal?! Why is it that I am so blessed to photograph such amazing people?! Honestly, I don't care why it happens, I am just so so happy it does!

To call this "work" I do a job is just completely insane. I mean, who wouldn't love being able to capture love like this photographically? Who wouldn't want to spend an hour or so with people like this just hanging out, chatting and playing with adorable, fun kids?!

I usually post the Mommy and child pictures, but I couldn't resist posting some Daddy/Son pictures. I mean, these are just to die for! I love it when you see the love just pouring from the image. These would be prime examples...


It might have been virtually impossible to get a picture of these 2 busy bodies together, both looking at the camera and smiling, but if you've stopped by here before, you know I'm ALL about the "real life" shots...those candid images that are a reflection of where your life is in the current season...

Grayer...4 months.
If ever I have a baby boy again, Rachel...I may steal your baby's name! And I can't say I'd be in the least bit disappointed if naming my baby such an adorable name would help make him look just like your baby too! :)

And this little guy, Mason was a blast. He was a BUSY BOY...and independent. It wasn't difficult to capture his adorable face smiling, but to capture a serious face (which I love me a serious face picture!) was more of a challenge. I managed to catch one though with my little "if you look really deep into my lens, you might see Batman" trick...

And I am in love with the candidness that is this image. I feel kind of like a fly on the wall here. You know, what a typical evening hanging out in the family room might look like for this family. :)

Thank you Nick, Rachel, Mason and Grayer!

Your family is absolutely gorgeous and it was not only a pleasure to photograph the beauty of your family, but also to get to know you all!

Cousins - Quad Cities Children Photographer

These adorable cousins were who I got to spend my Sunday morning with!

Yup, I am one lucky gal. :)

Kayla, the oldest was incredibly cooperative and helpful! She was so mature and sweet...she knew JUST what to do to make the littles happy. The littles, Polly and Hayden have such an amazing role model to look up to in their older cousin!

And these 2 are think their momma has her hands full? I am guessing she does! They were so great! No crying or whining at all! It was actually quite impressive!

And those!

I saw the timid side of Polly yesterday. Sweet little smiles or no smiles at all. :) She is one gorgeous little girl! I was told that she is typically quite the smiler, but smile or no smile...that face and those eyes are striking!!! And Hayden just went with the flow...what a laid back little man he was!

I caught a couple smiles from Hayden though and they were worth the effort!!!

Kayla was a joy...she even talked to me about composers and their compositions. Seriously?!

I am definitely not smarter than a 5th grader!

It was a pleasure Kayla, Polly and Hayden!