Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Martinez Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

How gorgeous is this family?!?!!!
Oh my goodness, I adored them.  So sweet and fun and kind and beautiful!  It was a COLD one this afternoon that we did their shoot and little Perla was shaking in her boots, but she remained smiley and never shed a tear...such a sweetie!

This little beauty is so adored by her Mommy and Daddy...

Look at that perfect, little beautiful and I LOVE her name!

Her curls, her sweet little face and beautiful dark eyes...I loved photographing her!

I loved photographing all three of these lovely folks!

It was so great to meet you all!  Thank you for toughing out the frigid temperatures for our snowy session!  You are such a gorgeous family!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Cole Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

It was so fun meeting this family!  We had to change their session due to weather and it landed on another day that was questionable...windy and cold!  We risked it though and the Cole Family were troopers!  I'd say it was worth it...

I love getting pictures of mom and dad always tends to be about the kids and so it's nice to get images like this!

And husbands...I swear this must be in your blood to do because whenever I ask a man to kiss his wife, it seems like this happens...almost every time!  So funny!

Thank you, Cole Family for being so awesome in dealing with the cold and wind!  You guys are a gorgeous family and it was a pleasure to meet you and photograph you!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Prybil Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

This evening was so cold, you really cold!  This awesome family was so amazing about it!!!  I am so glad they toughed it out because I am in love with their pictures!  I've said it before...I am such a fan of families full of boys...probably because my family is full of boys. :)

This is one good looking family!

They clearly have good genes...

Probably my favorite shot from the session!

Thank you so much, Prybil Family for toughing out the wind and chill to have me photograph you!  I loved having you in front of my lens!  I cannot wait for you to see all of the images. :)

Leslie - Quad Cities Headshot Photographer

This talented writer is my beautiful friend and I was excited when she asked me to do her headshots for her!  I KNEW we would have fun and I would love them.  She exudes love and joy and every time I have photographed her, her personality has translated so well into pictures!

My favorite...this is the epitome of Leslie!

Thank you for stepping in front of my lens, friend!

The Dalbey Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I love that I got to photograph this family this year!  I've photographed their family for several years and I was afraid we weren't going to find a time to do their pictures this year!  So glad it worked out!



The girls of the family...

The boys of the family...

And then the kids had a little fun...they didn't mess around with the leaf throwing!

Thanks for working your schedule to fit into mine this year!  I would have been so bummed if I couldn't do your glad it worked out! :)  Can't wait for you to see them all!