Monday, June 13, 2011

Family and Friends: Quad Cities Family Photographer

FYI...I have the best clients ever.

I am making this post a combination of the 3 photoshoots I had in the Des Moines area last weekend when it was at least 183 degrees. :)

Yes, I am OVER a week late at posting this. With about 900 pictures to sift through and edit after these shoots, I just haven't gotten around to posting the Sneak Peek. So if you are any of the people below (or family/friends of the people below), I sincerely apologize. It has been so much fun editing these images and I still have a long ways to go, but I needed to get these images out there for you all to see. And honestly, it was HARD to pick just a few (so I picked more!) from these shoots to post because there are just so many that are my favorites!

So let's start with this family. I've shot them before. They are fun, and cooperative, and photogenic. :)

And it was HOT this day, and I am not super experienced in the field of photographing LARGE groups, but I managed because these folks made it easy. :)

I love it.

Cousins...Jack and Andrew.

Too cute.

And this family was one of the first families I shot professionally about a year ago.

And they'be kept coming back...let me tell you, there is no better compliment than repeat business!

It was windy, and with Caroline's long hair, I am loving the image it created.

Note to self...

Wind + Long Haired Beauty = great images! guessed it...these two have GOOD genes!

Beautiful mama with her adorable kids!

From that photoshoot, I headed to the next.

These two are my 2nd cousins-in-law. that a real thing? If so, that's what they are.

I love them...and my camera LOVES them, and their eyes. :)

Sophie and Ollie...

When you have a serious child in front of the camera, it makes a shot like this all the more satisfying! Ollie put up a good fight, but I always win. ;)

And this one NEVER puts up a fight...she's a natural in front of the camera! And talk about a gorgeous child...yowzers!

And like I said, my camera LOVES their eyes.

2 GIGANTIC canvas's of these next 2 pictures would be hanging up in my know, if I had a studio.

And the last family I had the pleasure of photographing was this lovely group.

I could go on and on about the amazing friend that Jessica (dark hair, holding her doll face daughter) has been and still is to me. She stood up with me at my wedding and has always been such an amazing friend to me. Truly, she blesses my life more than she probably knows.

And I am pretty sure these people don't know how to make boys.

Seriously, this family has some seriously fun (and likely hormonal!) years ahead of them!

I am IN LOVE with the real deal that is this image...

We'll start with the youngest...Jersi.

She knew JUST what to do when I held up my camera!

And Jillian was a fighter all right, but like I said, I always win eventually...many times with the help of a cooing and screaming crowd behind me...or bribery.

Whatever works, right?! :)

Gabi had me with those eyes!

A true beauty for sure!

Kadi was so so sweet.

All girl!

Sisters...Gabi and Mari.

And I must say, Mari knew how to bring out her inner supermodel!

I couldn't not post another one of Gabi because truly, this image is one of my favorites as of late. For some reason, I tend to gravitate towards those images that are captured in a split second, in a moment that the subject isn't expecting, isn't smiling. This was one of those moments.


And at the same time, images like this make me giddy. Genuine smiles, beautiful children.

Perfect as well.

So to ALL of you pictured above, it was a pleasure...a hot, sweaty, pleasure to shoot you on Sunday! :)