Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Moran Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I love this family!

I love photographing them each year and I love that a couple of years ago, I wrote in a blog post, "I kinda want to be Heidi's friend..." and she read it and then we became friends! :)  Simple as that!  Ha.

It actually really was as simple as that...because she (and her family) is simply amazing and loving and kind and fun and just all around great people.

We have fun during our photo sessions...

These kids...oh.em.gee!!!!

Heidi and Jim are pretty adorable too!  They are just an awesome couple!

Helaina is such a great kid...a sweet 2nd grader who is an awesome big sister!

Breleigh is so full of personality and camera loves these girls!

Easton...oh my goodness Easton.  Look at that face!!!  EEK!  He is a mix of sweet and ornery and I could just take him home!

An amazing group of siblings...

An amazing family...

Back when I was chatting with Heidi about the plan for the session, she mentioned the idea of doing pictures of the children in costume.  You see, this family LOVES Halloween and as you will see by the costumes, Heidi takes styling her children for the holiday very seriously and is uber talented.  I asked her to send me a picture of the costumes they were going to wear and the SECOND I got the image of Helaina in her Wolf Fairy cloak, I envisioned THIS image exactly...

And this one too...

You put a vision in my head into print like this was like a dream.  I am SO happy that Heidi was willing to bring her kids' costumes so that I could capture these images for her.  And I have to give Helaina crazy huge props for her modeling work.  I mean, she's SEVEN...and she KILLED really killed it.  Love that girl.

You think that's all?  OH NO...check out Breleigh's incredible Pocahontas costume!  To DIE for!  And she killed it too!  I was in photographer heaven with these girls!  The sunset, the beautiful setting, the incredible costumes and the amazing models.  Love! wasn't done.  I got to photograph the cutest little Mickey Mouse who ever existed!  Easton was dressed and full of smiles and spunk for his moment to shine as Mickey!

All together now...

It's hard to put into words how much I loved doing this session!  Thank you Heidi, Jim, Helaina, Breleigh and Easton for being such incredible subjects yet again!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Sierer Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

It's been so fun photographing the Sierer Family through the last few years since Eden was little (although she's STILL little!) and then getting to know them and eventually become great friends with them!

I love this family and their sweet little girls!

Eden is so fun!!!  She is so social and full of energy and curiosity!

She is beautiful!

Monroe is such an incredible baby!  I got to watch (and photograph) as she came into the world and then got to be the first person to hold her after her Mommy and Daddy!

She loves me. ;)

Such a beautiful baby!!!

Mommy Love...

Daddy Love...

Love these two.  Love that my husband and I have developed a wonderful friendship with them!

Seriously such a great family!

Thanks Adam, Sam, Eden and Monroe for letting me photograph you again!  It's so awesome to be able to capture you all in pictures at all of the special times of your life!

The Carr Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

 This family was SO FUN to see after years of having not seen them!  Marcia and my husband have known each other for years, went to college together and remained friends.

It just happened to work out that they were traveling across the state to see some family a bit closer to the Quad Cities, so we met in the middle so I could do their pictures!

It was a perfect fall day to photograph their beautiful family!

Hailey and Rylan were having so much fun running around, playing with the fall leaves...

It was fun to not only capture The Carr Family in pictures, but to get a chance to catch up with them.

Mama Love...

Daddy Love...

It couldn't have been a more perfect weekend for fall colors, it was like a fall wonderland!

Thank you guys for making the trek to meet me so I could photograph you all!  It was so fun to finally see you guys again...let's not go so long next time!

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Hythecker Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

 We met up on such an incredibly gorgeous, fall evening!  There is just not much more beautiful than a loving, gorgeous family with the backdrop of fall colors!

I adore this shot!

What a gorgeous family!

Daddy Love...

Mommy Love...

Sweet Hayden was such a doll!
She is a busy girl and loved running around!  I loved chasing her around and snapping pictures of her!

They even brought their amazingly gorgeous dog, Ben!

And if this doesn't scream "perfect little family", I don't know what does!  Even Ben is smiling! ;)

Thank you guys for having me photograph your gorgeous family!  It was so nice to meet you and get to capture some images for you that I hope you cherish forever!