Saturday, September 18, 2010

Amanda & Seth: Quad City Engagement Photographer

This photo session was probably my most fun to date.
These 2 were such amazing sports and I got LOADS of incredible images of them!
Can you just see the love?!!!
I can!
I feel it pouring out of these photos and I am not kidding when I say that my face hurts from smiling these last 4 hours that I've been editing them.
They were such great subjects and did everything I asked and more with huge smiles on their faces.
I can't decide which image is my favorite!

This one probably...

Or maybe this one (LOVE the baby photos!!!)...

Or maybe it's this one...

I give up, I can't pick just one!

This is the very spot these 2 will vow to love each other forever on October 30th.
Love the genuine excitement in this image...
Congratulations Amanda & Seth!
It was so much fun spending a few hours with you today!
Can't wait for the BIG DAY!!!