Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Carrolls: Quad Cities Family Photographer

I am starting to think that all of my clients MUST belong to the same club. To be in the club you must be all of the following:

1. Good looking

2. Easy going

3. Super cooperative

4. Follow directions easily

5. Fun and energetic

6. Unbelievably nice

Yup, every single one of my clients has been part of this club and this family was no different...

Do you think they even questioned for a second when I asked them to do this? Nope...not for a second.

This may have been the quickest family photo session I've had...or close to it. Not because I was hurrying through it, but because they just did everything I asked and before I knew it, I had already taken several hundred pictures of them!

Although, I could have snapped pictures of adorable, little Max all day long!

Thank you Ali, Craig and Max for being part of the club!

You were a joy to photograph!!!

Boden: Quad Cities Infant Photographer

Oh my goodness...there's nothing like a super fresh 7 day old baby to give you baby fever!

I spent well over the typical time with this little doll the other day. I might have spent just as much time cuddling him as I did photographing him!

And seriously?!?! I mean, this beautiful mama does NOT look like she just gave birth 7 days ago!

Little Boden is surrounded by love, that's for sure...

And it appears as though older brother Rorek might be a little protective of his new brother!

Baby toes!!!

I need to find me some more fresh infants to snuggle (oh, and to photograph too!), that was just too much fun!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mathematics: Quad Cities Family Photographer

Do you like math? Ya, me neither. I promise though, this will be the easiest equation you'll ever do...

To this unbelievably beautiful couple...

Add these outrageously stunning, 4 kids...

What do you get???

One of the most beautiful families you will have ever laid eyes on.

Yup, if this isn't the picture of beauty, I don't know what is!

And lest you think their beauty is only skin deep, not even close! They were such a joy to meet and work with for a couple of hours on Saturday! Genuinely beautiful people from the inside out.

And their youngest was welcomed with loving arms into their brood only 3 months ago...

And let me tell you, he couldn't have been happier to join this incredible family...

His 3 older siblings adore him about as much as any siblings could!

This one no longer holds the "baby of the family" title, but something tells me she's still the princess...

And this one...well, he was about the sweetest 8 year old boy I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! He even said at one point during the session, "well this is actually fun!" Ha. And then when I told his mother the amount she owed me, he said, "that's really cheap for pictures!" Well, could you just come along on all my shoots with me?! You are an awesome little advertisement for my business...I may just have to hire you on!

And this beauty was so fun to get to know. At 13, she is going on 25. She is mature, cooperative and just a genuinely great kid. I have said on many occasions that I am happy not having any girls because I fear any girl I have from around ages 13 to 20, I may not be able to handle. I just don't want to deal with any teen daughter who might be anything like I was! However, if my girls would be like her...I'll take 3 please! :)

Can you even believe that this ISN'T a picture of 3 sisters?! Crazy, huh!

And with all of that beauty, the boys of the family are going to have a LOT of protecting to do over the next several years!

I have a feeling these 3 boys are up for the task...

There was lots of love in front of my lens on Saturday...and I couldn't have been more happy to capture it!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Boys: Quad Cities Childrens Photographer

I got to spend an hour with little Ryker and George the other day.

Their grandma contacted me about photographing them as little Ryker lives far away and would be in town. Perfect! Oh, I am so glad I got these two in front of my lens.

I love boys. I love photographing girls as well, don't get me wrong! However, I KNOW boys, I'm used to boys...you know, since I have one (or 2 if you count my husband!) of my own. :)

I could have just died when I saw each of these boys' gorgeous faces, hair and eyes! I am a sucker for longer hair on boys, and George melted my heart with his! Just like my little man's longer hair! And Ryker's sweet cheeks and piercing eyes...wow, I could have just eaten him up! These boys are going to break some hearts someday!

Let's start with Ryker...

And George...

It was a lot of work getting them together for a picture. You know, two busy children under the age of 3...you'll have that! You know me, I love a candid shot more than anything!

This one just tickles me when I look at it! Oh my goodness these little handsome men are just too much!

Crazy story about George (or George's family I guess). He and his mother were there at our location when I arrived. His mother and I started to make small talk and where we lived came up. Long story short...little George and his family live 3 HOUSES DOWN from me! I mean, what are the chances?! I am talking a stones throw away...literally! And lucky for me, his mommy is a stay at home mommy as well AND super sweet to boot! I was thrilled to meet them and know some more people in the neighborhood as we are fairly new to our home and neighborhood.

I see coffee and play dates in my future with George and his mommy! ;)

Thank you Jean, for letting me photograph your handsome grandsons!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blondies: Quad Cities Family Photographer

Yet another group of amazing (and beautiful!) people got to spend a little time in front of my lens last weekend. I've never seen so much blonde hair in one place in my life! ;)

I know this couple through some great friends of mine, but hadn't had the pleasure of meeting each of their children. And it truly was a pleasure!

I mean, c'mon people...how much more beautiful could these 3 get?! I can't imagine what the future holds for their mommy and daddy! ;)

And then I got to photograph these 3 little girls' cousin, aunt and uncle!

At 2 years old, this little stud was a trooper! He was busy, that's for sure, but he let me and his cousins drag him all over the place and plop him down wherever we pleased!

I am a huge fan of a serious shot.

No worries...he wasn't serious the whole time! With some lovin' from his smitten parents, the smiles were plentiful!

I have to say, getting an image of 4 kids ages 9, 6, 3 and (almost) 2 was not the easiest task in the world. I'm not going to lie! Fun...but not easy. :)

I'm not saying I doubted that I'd be able to...I just knew it would take some work. In all honesty, it didn't take THAT much work at all!

Thanks Carter, Kaalyn, Myla and Lillie for being such gorgeous, cooperative subjects!

And thanks Mollie, Karl, Stephanie and Jordan for making such gorgeous, cooperative subjects (and being so gorgeous and cooperative yourselves!) for me to photograph!

It was so much fun spending a little time with your family!