Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Turnis Family - Quad City Family Photographer

 I have been looking forward to photographing the Turnis Family for a while now.  We have tried to coordinate a session before, but it never worked out.  I was thrilled that we could make it happen this weekend!

I was introduced to this family a couple of years ago because of our both having children who deal with Kidney Disease.  They are so amazing and strong and inspiring!

And it's because of these strong and loving and a great foundation to their wonderful family.  It is clear why their kids are so amazing!

Kara is the oldest...and obviously a gorgeous girl!
Her beauty runs deep sweet and loving on the inside to match her beauty on the outside.

Nick was a ham...which made him pretty amazing in front of my lens!  He was super fun to photograph and though he acted like he wasn't having fun...I know he was! ;)

And the much to say about this handsome dude.  He is just an amazing kid.  Plain and simple.

I did manage to get a few nice images between the silly and fun ones!

And one "must have" shot was the one of Christopher with his beads.  He has a very long strand of beads...each represents a medical procedure or test he has endured.  Christopher is so inspiring and full of strength and determination.  He has endured more than any child, or adult should ever have to.  He is amazing.

And I enjoy photographing boys...maybe because I have boys of my own.  And these two...they were all boy! :)
Brotherly love at it's best...

The girls gotta stick together!  Love this mother/daughter shot!

We had a lot of bunny ear action with these two!  I couldn't help but share one of them acting "real" here it is!

An amazing family indeed!

Thank you all for being so much fun to photograph!  I am so thrilled that it finally worked out!  Hoping this isn't the last time I get to have your family in front of my lens.  I know you said you hadn't had family pictures in the last 7 years...I hope you will enjoy these for years to come, but maybe we can update them a bit sooner this time! ;)  Ha.

Hadley Sue - Quad Cities Baby Photographer

 This beautiful girl will turn 1 this week!
I love photographing Sweet Hadley Sue and her family.  They are such beautiful people inside and out and I have adored photographing Hadley's parents for the past few years as they began their journey in life together, married, found out they were expecting, welcomed Hadley into their lives.  Hadley is such a little peanut!  I just couldn't get enough of her!

I traveled up to their home this time and got to photograph Hadley in her element.  It was so fun to capture her at home and just get a chance to hang out with her for a while.  She is such an awesome little girl!

We played a little Peek-A-Boo and she worked the camera like she always does! ;)

Jake and Jessie...I hope you know how much it means to me that you continue to put your trust in me to capture all of these moments in your lives!  It was so great to see you all and thank you for welcoming me into your gorgeous home!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Sophia is Two ~ Quad Cities Childrens Photographer

Sophia Grace turns two today!  WHAT?!  It seems like just yesterday that I waited anxiously in the waiting room at Genesis hospital for Sophia's arrival.  I will never forget walking into the delivery room only moments after Sophia arrived to start photographing her first moments of life.  I can hardly believe that was two years ago already!

And what a beautiful little girl she is!

She is a Mama's girl for sure!

And she has her mama wrapped around her finger.  Who wouldn't be wrapped around this sweetie's finger?!

Not only is she a gorgeous little girl...

she is smart...

she is sweet and fun-loving...

she is full of joy...

and she is silly and funny!

She is all TWO!

I love you sweet Phi Phi and wish you the best 2nd birthday!