Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The apple doesn't fall far - Quad Cities Family Photographer

This family...wow. They were a joy to meet and spend some time with!
Truly, they are genuinely kind, loving, fun...and very attractive! :)
And I realized very quickly that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
These two were so amazing and I just felt like I'd known them forever.  There children were just the same...both married well and have incredible children too!
These two have got to be so proud!

Jay and Kandis are expecting their first child in a couple of months and I had the pleasure of shooting their maternity pictures just before meeting for their family session.  It didn't take but only a few minutes with these two and I new the family shoot would go well too.
Can't wait to meet their new little bundle in a few weeks!

Brandon and Miranda were a ton of fun!
And they have a beautiful family...two adorable boys who did great for photos!

At ages 3 and 3 months, these two were impressive.  Those can be HARD ages!  Not for Carter and Chase!
Adorable, right?!

Well feast your eyes on this little stud!
Wow...those eyes.
Carter was full of energy and so incredibly cooperative!
Amazing for any child, let alone a 3 year old!

He even ran around a played with me for a few minutes!

I'd say that Chase is ready for his 1st Christmas!
He is so stinkin' cute in a Santa hat that I think it should be a permanent fixture on his head until Christmas is over!

However, he doesn't need a Santa hat to be a stunning child.
He is perfection!

The whole family is pretty picture perfect if you ask me!

I love that we actually had fun in the photo session...

And quite honestly the whole extended family is pretty picture perfect!
It was an honor photographing them...

And I would say, the saying is definitely true...
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
These kids and grandkids had to learn how to be so amazing from someone and it's clear Dave and Kay are a huge part of who they are...

Thank you Konrardy Family! 
I hope this isn't the last time you are in front of my lens!
Enjoy the new addition to your incredible family...can't wait to meet her. :)

Baby Bump - Quad Cities Maternity Photographer

Maternity pictures are a new venture for me. The one and only maternity shoot I did before this one was my best friends and she put up with my lack of confidence in the session...trying different poses, just seeing what would work.  I mean, it helped that she was an incredibly gorgeous pregnant mama!
I was pleased that my 2nd go round was with this stunning mommy to be, Kandis.  She was just so accomodating to me, letting me roam around her home to find just the right light and locations.  She got into all of the crazy positions I asked of her and let me do my thing.  And yet again, it helps that she is incredibly beautiful!
I think I'm loving maternity sessions.  It's just such a special time and something that many don't capture.  Everyone I speak with who gets maternity pictures says that they are so happy they did!
I love that this image has Kandis and Jay's wedding picture in the background...

And it is clear that these two are incredibly in love and are so excited to welcome their first beautiful child, a daughter!
(you should have seen that baby's closet...she will be pretty in pink no doubt!)

And I've been pretty blessed to photograph the most perfect baby bumps!

The nursery was beautiful and soothing and perfect for the new baby who will be arriving in 10 short weeks!

So glad Daddy was cooperative and fun.  He was amazing to work with as well...I know men aren't always super thrilled about photo shoots!  These two made things easy for me...and they are an adorable couple in love which is a joy to photograph in and of itself!

Seriously, this is one adorable family!
I can't wait to see the face of their daughter...I'm crossing my fingers that I will be allowed to photograph her at just a few days old!  EEK!!!!

Congratulations Jay and Kandis!  Thank you so much for allowing me into your beautiful home to photograph such a special time.
Many blessings to you while you await your daughter and your new life...a baby truly DOES change everything.  Though I just met you, there is no doubt that you will make incredible parents to a blessed little girl!

Monday, November 19, 2012

A lot in common - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I have had the pleasure of yet again photographing the Dalbey Family!
The last time they were in front of my lens was at the adoption finalization of their 2 boys!
It's been awesome knowing Kerry.  We have a lot in common.  She has helped me get through this last year and fully understands what we've been going through with the whole adoption process.  I am so grateful for her help and listening ear she has provided to me.
And she has some pretty amazing kiddos!

Elizabeth is such a good big sister and sooo reminds me of her mom!

Luke is fun...I loved photographing him...not sure if he loved being photographed, but he did a good job faking it! :)

And Jackson is busy and also fun to photograph!  He had a million expressions for me and I had fun chasing him around!

And a funny story about this picture...
Those leaves they are standing on were covered with "stinky balls"...really, like TERRIBLY stinky!  It was almost unbearable and the boys were plugging their noses and wanted to get out of there ASAP!  I googled what on earth those things were and found out it was a gingko tree!  Just a little fun fact...don't step on the balls that fall from a gingko tree...you will regret it. :)

Thank you again, Dalbey Family for allowing me to photograph your adorable family!
It is always a pleasure! :)

A White Lie - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I call this amazing group family. It's just a white lie. They are technically not family, but my sister's in laws...so it counts right? Well I don't care if it does, I'm claiming them as family. I love them like family and can't imagine them not in our lives!
Not a whole lot more I can say about this family other than they are amazing...the nicest, most fun and down to earth people...amazing.
And seriously, they make BEAUTIFUL children!
Meet Drew and Haidyn...

Gorgeous eyes, personality and smile...

She was hungry, it was almost lunch...

This one was incredibly cooperative...he is about the most photogenic little boy ever too!

And he got the eyes too...seriously, a photographer's dream!

And apparently they had one of the worst nights of sleep of their lives the night before this photoshoot...oh, and it was COLD out!
You would never know by the looks of these pictures though!

It's almost not fair that they are so stinkin' cute...and also not fair that they aren't ACTUALLY my family...my sister is pretty blessed that she doesn't have to tell the same white lie I have to in order to claim them as family!
 Love you guys!  So glad I was able to photograph your awesome family!