Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Eden & Monroe's Birthday Party - Quad Cities Event Photographer

I had fun photographing Eden and Monroe's 4th and 1st birthday parties a couple of weeks ago!

I love photographing birthday parties and capturing all of the moments for mom and dad so they don't have to worry about taking the pictures and can just enjoy the party!

You can't grill at your daughter's birthday party without a Strawberry Shortcake birthday hat on...

I still cannot believe that Monroe is ONE!  This year flew by!

There was lots of loving family there to celebrate these two beautiful girls!

The girls were SHOWERED with gifts!

Eden was so happy with all of her gifts!
Hugs for Mommy and Daddy...

The cakes were so adorable that they almost shouldn't have even been cut into!

We first sang Happy Birthday to Sweet Eden...

And then it was Monroe's turn to be sung to!

Testing the waters a little...

She dug right in!

She liked it!

While Monroe got cleaned up, family cleaned up the mess!

Happy Birthday, Eden and Monroe!  It was so fun to celebrate you both and capture it all in pictures for you!

The Freking Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

Man, each time I photograph a new family I think to myself, "How is it that all of the best looking families in the Quad Cities book ME!"  Truly, all of my families seem to be so beautiful, fun, picture perfect!

Clearly, this family was no different!

Their kids were amazing...rays of sunshine for sure!

Some good looking boys, for sure!

The beauties of the family...and beautiful they definitely are!

Big sister, Riley was so easy to photograph!  As long as there were no bees in sight, she was good to go! ;)

Wyatt was the poser for sure!  Modeling career in his future?  Maybe!  Especially with that face!

The baby of the family, Westin...that hair, those eyes.  He is one gorgeous and spunky 4 year old!

Loving parents make loving families and these two and this family are full of love!

We had a little fun on this beautiful evening too!  Candid shots such as these are always my favorites!

I spy a dollar bill in Westin's hand...he was SO EXCITED to get to spend that on ice cream after the session!  He wouldn't take it out of his hand...hysterical!  I'd say he earned the ice cream!

It was such a pleasure meeting and photographing your absolutely gorgeous family!  You all made my job easy!  Thank you so much for spending your evening with me!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Nelson Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I have a lot of regular clients that I photograph each year and I always love seeing how they grow and change every year, but I equally love meeting new clients!  It's one of the main reasons I love this job...I get to meet new, wonderful people all the time!

This family was wonderful and the kids were perfect to photograph...and adorable to boot!

When siblings love each other and aren't afraid to show it, it makes my job so easy!

When they are FULL of personality as these two cuties were, it makes my job a dream!

This...I die!

If you've ever seen any of my posts, you know how much I love me some Mommy Love shots...and this shoot was no different!

I mean, stop it with your cuteness!!!!!!!!!!

We beat the rain...just barely, so good thing this group was so easy and quick to photograph!

Thank you so much, Amy for spending some time with me while I photographed your adorable family!  It was such a pleasure to meet you all!