Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cooper & Emersyn - Quad Cities Newborn Photographer

 You guys, these babies were a dream!

Cooper and Emersyn were 2 1/2 weeks new when I got the opportunity to photograph them!  Typically for newborn sessions, that is not as young as I like...often times they are past that super sleepy phase by that age.  These two did great though!  And aren't they simply gorgeous?!?!

Beautiful and bright eyed Emersyn slept like a dream in the beginning of the session, but by the end, she was ready to show off her bright eyes...and I am glad she did!

Sweet and handsome Cooper was a bit more awake in the beginning of the session, but by the end was out for the count!

I love all of the details of brand new babies.

Baby sneezes...

And baby feet...

And every last detail of these two sweeties was perfect!

It was such a lovely way to spend my Friday morning snuggling up to these dolls!  They kept it real with a healthy dose of baby poop and pee, but nothing that could scare me off! ;)

Thank you, Jen for allowing me into your home to photography your beautiful babies!