Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hudson ~ 10 Days New - Quad Cities Infant Photographer

I watched as this little man's mom labored for hours upon hours.  I watched as his whole family waited all through the night for his arrival.  I saw the hugs and tears and relief and love that filled the room when his family all knew he had arrived safely.  It was special beyond what I am able to describe in words.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this baby and snuggle him and photograph him!  I only had to wait 10 days!

And here he is...the most perfect little 10 day old boy in the world...

And that love that surrounded him on that morning he has only multiplied!

Hudson Pahl Coberly...future baseball player for sure! ;)

Or maybe basketball player?

I say BOTH!

I have a feeling his Mommy and Daddy will support him in whatever decision he makes.
I love watching new parents with their babies!  Their awe and amazement at every little thing about them, their genuine love that there is no way they could hide just pours out.  It is just the most awesome thing to see.

And Sweet Hudson did his parents proud as he worked the sleepy baby poses better than I could have dreamed.

So maybe Mommy and Daddy think he'll be a star athlete???  I think he's got a little super model in him. ;)

 I'd say he has the perfect look.  My camera sure thought so!

From his head to his toes...this little one is picture perfect!

Thank you Evan and Danielle for allowing me to spend a couple of hours photographing your most perfect little sweetie!  I cannot wait to watch him grow and hopefully get him in front of my lens again to capture it for you!
Congratulations on your sweet little boy...he is truly perfect!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Felix Cutler's Birth Story - Quad Cities Birth Photographer

What an honor it is to do this job I do.  I love being able to capture special moments in my clients' lives, but to be able to capture a birth of a baby...there's just nothing like it!

Felix's mother, Sarah and I went to school together.  We never would have dreamed that all these years later, I would be photographing her labor and delivery!  So happy that Facebook brought us back together after years of having lost touch.  She and Travis already have a beautiful daughter, Celia and now have a perfect little boy, Felix.

What a beautiful and FAST delivery it was!  The staff at Trinity in Bettendorf proved yet again to be so wonderful!

Thank you, Sarah and Travis for allowing me to capture this emotional and incredible time for you two!  A HUGE congratulations to you and your growing family!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hudson's Birth Story - Quad Cities Birth Photographer

I spent the last several days immersing myself in the edits of this incredible session I had the honor to photograph.  There was no other way to accurately portray these images than this.  They had to be viewed in chronological order to see the full story of Hudson's debut into the world.

There is just nothing more beautiful and emotional and intimate than bringing a child into this world.  To have been asked to be there and capture this time for Danielle and Evan was truly one of the hugest honors of my career as a photographer.

A huge thank you goes to Danielle and Evan and their families.  They were all so wonderful about me being there.  This new family of 3 has the most incredible support system and is surrounded by so much love!

Hudson was long awaited and he is finally here!

Welcome to this world, Hudson Pahl Coberly!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Downtown Davenport - Location Option

Downtown Davenport provides countless little spots that are perfect backdrops for photographs!

In the summertime, vines grow on the walls of the elevated train tracks...

There is a great variety of spots for a more urban look...

It's colorful and fun to include parts of the many murals painted under the bridges...

There are lots of nooks and crannies to find in the many alleys and old brick buildings...

You can also find little courtyard areas and green spots to add a little bit of nature to your urban session...

Bike Path - Location Option

The Bike Path offers lots of green backdrop as well as some fun options of bridges.  There are a couple of points on the Bike Path that I like to on the West Side of Davenport and one in Bettendorf.  Several spots just off of the Bike Path are perfect for variety as well...between the bluffs and stream along the Bike Path by Bettendorf's Devil's Glen Park and just West of that in Bettendorf, there is a perfect location on the Bike Path that offers wide open green spaces right next to a wooded area that creates a canopy over the path.  The first two pictures below were taken on the Bike Path in West Davenport where you can find the old train bridge as well as beautiful park like green space.

In Your Home - Location Option

The comfort of your own home is the perfect spot for those Lifestyle in your comfort zone, just being captured in a real way.  While the posed portraits aren't the most ideal in this setting, the candid and real moments are beautiful when captured in the comfort of your own home.

On Your Property - Location Ideas

Sometimes the best location (and in certain cases, the most convenient) is doing your portraits on your family's property.  This offers a unique backdrop that you know no one else will have for their images!

Devil's Glen Park - Location Option

Devil's Glen Park in Bettendorf is a beautiful, wooded area that provides a natural backdrop for your portraits.  There is a fun, wooden bridge in the midst of the woods and lots of trees and hills for that earthy look.

In the summertime, there is a field of tall grasses and wildflowers that provides a gorgeous setting as well...

There are several old, stone structures throughout the park that offer some variety for your images too!

The bike path also runs along the edge of Devil's Glen Park right next to a stream and bluffs by the water.  This is a great spot if you are looking for something wooded and is especially gorgeous in the fall when the leaves are changing!

Sky Bridge - Location Option

The Sky Bridge in Davenport is a really cool location, but one that doesn't offer a ton of versatility.  Conveniently, you can exit the sky bridge and you're right on the river walk with several different outdoor options.  The Sky Bridge is great for little ones that you might want to keep confined in a smaller area though.  It's a fun and unique location option.

Duck Creek Park - Location Option

 Duck Creek Park offers a beautiful backdrop.  There are lots of open grassy areas as well as a variety of flowers and beautiful gardens in the spring and summer.  There is a white gazebo and small pathways through the gardens as well as an old, brick building with white pillars and a large front porch.  Often times, weddings are held in this beautiful location, but because of that, I tend to avoid shooting here on Saturdays because it is frequently booked for weddings on Saturdays.

Scott County Park/Pioneer Village - Location Option

Scott County Park is a very fun and unique location.  It offers beautiful open green spaces as well as lots of wooded areas.  The Pioneer Village in Scott County Park has an old train car and a fun village with shops that are a unique backdrop.  The options are endless in this beautiful location.

Lindsay Park - Location Option

Lindsay Park next to the Village of East Davenport is a great spot if you want images overlooking the river...

There are other options with a stairway as well as the old firehouse with the big, red garage door and brick exterior.

This location is hilly and wooded and pretty in any season...