Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cooper & Emersyn - Quad Cities Newborn Photographer

 You guys, these babies were a dream!

Cooper and Emersyn were 2 1/2 weeks new when I got the opportunity to photograph them!  Typically for newborn sessions, that is not as young as I like...often times they are past that super sleepy phase by that age.  These two did great though!  And aren't they simply gorgeous?!?!

Beautiful and bright eyed Emersyn slept like a dream in the beginning of the session, but by the end, she was ready to show off her bright eyes...and I am glad she did!

Sweet and handsome Cooper was a bit more awake in the beginning of the session, but by the end was out for the count!

I love all of the details of brand new babies.

Baby sneezes...

And baby feet...

And every last detail of these two sweeties was perfect!

It was such a lovely way to spend my Friday morning snuggling up to these dolls!  They kept it real with a healthy dose of baby poop and pee, but nothing that could scare me off! ;)

Thank you, Jen for allowing me into your home to photography your beautiful babies!

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Krueger Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

One of the families that I feel so blessed to get to continue to photograph despite their move to the Des Moines area is the Krueger Family!  Andrea had such a huge impact on our youngest son's life as his physical therapist that we became quite close while she worked with him.  I am blessed to now call her a friend.  I will never forget how upset I was when she told me that she and her family were moving...though it was such a great move for them, selfishly I was less than thrilled with the impact it would have on our family as I knew that meant she would no longer be working with Cason.

Everything does happen for a reason though and I am so thrilled that they get to be closer to their family and are doing well and more importantly that I still get to see them and photograph them!

It was SO windy and cold this morning and they were troopers!

Bryce and Blake are so stinkin' cute!  They are so different from one another, but one thing about them is the same...they are very photogenic!

Blake was so cold and less of a fan of the weather than his little brother, Bryce was.  He did great though and fought through the misery! :)

On the other hand, after a few family pictures in "normal" clothes, Bryce was THRILLED to put on his favorite type of outfit...SHORTS and mismatched socks!  Hot blooded I'd say!

The park they chose for their session was so fun and such a great spot to do pictures as their boys enjoy this park so much...they call it "Spiderman Park".

Grandma and Grandpa were even there to get some adorable pictures with their grandsons!
These 4 are all super blessed to have each other!  Lots of love in this picture!

Mostly though, the session was fun.

There was some racing happening...

...and more racing...and lots of silliness!

The boys got to play in the leaves...

The whole family got to play on the park...

And then there were lots of snuggles to keep everyone warm!

All the while, I got to hang out with this awesome family and catch up!

Thank you for braving the wind and the cold you guys!  It was so fun to hang out with you and get to photograph you again this fall!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Poley Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I love this family.  They are dear friends and clearly not only do I love them, but so does my camera!

We go WAAAAY back...well, John has known me since the day I was born.  He and my brother have been best friends pretty much forever.

I met Melissa through work over 10 years ago and KNEW that John would be smitten.
I was right...and it turns out she was smitten too. :)

So I pretty much take credit for these 2 studs being born.

How cute are they?!?!

I will NEVER forget being at work while Melissa was in labor with Landon...talking to her mom on the phone to get updates and then finally hearing that he had arrived!  I spent lots of time with Melissa and Landon when he was just a baby.  Seems like yesterday!

Stone is such a doll!  Oh.My.Gosh.  Look at that face!
He completed this family perfectly!

Pretty good looking brothers, I'd say!

I wish I had more time to spend with Melissa and her family.  I cherish every chance I get to spend with her...even if it's while I am photographing her family!

You just don't get much more picture perfect than this!

Wish our time together was longer, guys!  Love you and can't wait to see you again soon!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Zimmerman Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

As a photographer, the first time I see a family I will be photographing, I get these ideas in my head...almost instantly.  I think, "OOOO...I could do this or that"  or "I hope this family is open to this or that because I can envision how adorable it would be!"  Most often, these ideas don't come to fruition...often the session ends up going much better than I visualized, but sometimes it is much more difficult or the family's personalities don't lend themselves to my ideas.  I always want to capture a family just as they are...I want them to feel natural and comfortable.

I had never met the Zimmerman Family before they stepped out of the car on this lovely morning.  The second I saw them, I was excited about the possibilities.  They are clearly so adorable, I love the downtown Davenport location they chose and I love photographing children the ages of theirs.

I always just kind of go with the flow though and the session just progresses naturally.  Only this family was amazing...AMAZING, you guys!

I could have spent the whole day with them!

And everything fell into place.  One of my favorite spots in downtown Davenport with vines on this old, brick exterior just happened to be at peak with the gorgeous colors that matched this beautiful family's attire PERFECTLY!

And I quickly figured out why these two have such incredible kiddos...because THEY are incredible parents...

This...this never happens.  A Kindergartner and a 2nd Grader siblings...they aren't supposed to willingly do this.  I did NOT pose them this way...I simply said, "get in and snuggle close together!"

And then THIS happened!
AHHHHH!  How adorable are these two?!?!!!

This boy...he is stunning.  What a handsome young man.  He was reserved and obedient.  He was willing to do everything I asked, but maintained a calm demeanor.
Those eyes, that face...and I adore the cowlick in the front of his hair!

My 2nd grader could stand to take some lessons from this little man!

This  She is a gorgeous little girl!  She was fun and sweet and willing to pose for sure!  Just as obedient as her big brother and just as amazing in front of my lens!

She looks like a lady, but I have a feeling she can keep up with any boy!

The handsome boys of the family...

The gorgeous girls of the family...

You don't get much more picture perfect than this!

This was one of those sessions where I know I will be sad when I am done editing it.
My face hurt from smiling as I was sorting the images. :)
It was so amazing from beginning to end that everything flowed perfectly and my vision for how I wanted this family's images to turn out came true!
I am in love with every image of this incredible family!

Thank you Zimmerman Family for making me forget that what I do is a job.  It was such a pleasure to have you all put your trust in me to capture your family photographically!  You are clearly a beautiful family inside and out and I cannot wait for you to see all of the images!

Monday, November 3, 2014

The DeCook Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

What can I say about this family?

Most of you who know me at all know how I feel about this amazing family.  They are so much more than friends to us...they are family.

And if all goes as planned...hopefully one or two of their girls will end up legitimately becoming part of our marrying our boys. ;)

It makes my heart burst to see an image like this of this family.  I knew Lora since I was a little girl...our friendship has grown since our lives and families progressed at the same rate and at similar times.  I watched her say "I Do" and danced the night away to celebrate.  Her girls are almost the same ages as our boys.  I remember Lora coming to my baby shower for my oldest when she was 36 weeks pregnant with Ava.  I remember meeting Sweet Ava June when she was just weeks old and our 2 little families of 3 planned a summer vacation together to Florida that day.  We have since traveled together on multiple occasions.  Our families both grew and we became closer with each milestone.  It was in the plan for us to have each was orchestrated by God for sure!

There is something so valuable about a friendship such as ours...and the fact that our husbands are friends and our children are's priceless.

I simply love these two...

These girls are amazing and beautiful and sweet and spunky...and this session, they were PERFECT little models!  I could have photographed them all day long!

Ava June (my son, Tate's future wife...according to him...and me!) is a sweet, sensitive, obedient, super smart rule follower.  She is such an incredible big sister!

Chloe (my son, Wesley's future wife:)) is full of spunk and personality with a hint of shyness!  She is a comedian and an entertainer when she is comfortable.  She is one tough cookie and is a great mix of girly girl and tom boy! 

Sophia is a great mix of her two older sisters...full of spunk and humor, while also a snuggle bug, she is fully able to keep up with the big girls!  She is determined and independent while also still the baby of the family.

They love each other so much, these 3!

My boys' and our favorite times are times spent with these fun girls and the DeCook Family!

It's funny how life works.  Things always turn out so different than you would have ever thought.  Never, back when I was 13 years old did I think that Lora and I would have this special of a friendship.  Never did I realize that she would have 3 little girls the same ages as our 3 little boys and never did I dream that our husbands would become such great friends.  None of this could have been planned by us, it all just worked out so perfectly...the blessing this family has been to ours is incredible.

Love you guys!  As usual, photographing your beautiful family has been a highlight of my busy fall season!