Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Shay Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I always love to watch the families I photograph grow. I love capturing their families as they change and go through the different stages that come with adding more children and the children growing and changing. :)

And this family is extra fun to photograph because not only do I get to watch their family grow and change, but it's fun to see them because I went to high school with them and it's fun to see old schoolmates as parents!

They are great parents and great people! 

And c'mon...check out their adorable children?!!!
Love photographing them!

Sweet Madi!
Love her.
She has overcome so much and is one determined and strong little girl!

And Aidan...he is FULL of life and energy and intensity!
That combination makes for amazing images. :)

Yup, they are a pretty beautiful family!

And I love me a candid moment captured!
This shot makes me smile from ear to ear!!!

Thank you Justin and Corrine for driving over here again so I could photograph you all!  It's always great to see you and your family is so beautiful!

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