Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Gerdts Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I was super excited with Kelley asked me to photograph her family.  I have heard so much about her awesome kids that I was thrilled to get to meet them in person!

And meeting these awesome kids did NOT disappoint!
They were so fun...and photogenic to boot!

And it's clear where they get it from!
These two!
I have known Kelley on a more professional level (aside from our close Facebook friendship ;) ) for almost a year now.  I hadn't yet met Scott, but I just knew that Kelly's fun personality could only mesh with an equally fun man! :)
This combo makes a great set of photography subjects!

Tyler was a willing subject!  He posed it up for me and even came up with some creative poses on his own. :)

And Henry is clearly the ham of the family!  I almost posted a picture of his leprechaun dance moves, but I'll save that one for his family.

And the only daughter...she is a beauty!  And my camera loved her!  Her mom said she has attitude, but you would never have known it.  I can practically see a halo over her head! ;) ;)

It's been said that the best thing you can do for your kids is to love each other...and it is clear as day that these two do and that their kids know it.
What an amazing family!

It was so nice to FINALLY meet your crew, Kelley!  They were just as amazing and fun and beautiful as you are!

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