Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rain - Quad Cities Family Photographer

This session was a first for me.
It was raining...the whole time.
Usually, we cancel sessions when it rains, but there were so many people involved and some that drove in from out of town, we decided to make it work!  And it worked great!

It helps that this family was so amazing and willing to walk through the park with their umbrellas and toss them to the side as I snapped a few images. :)

And all of these cousins are so much fun to photograph...sooooo full of personality!
You can tell that they love each other so much because they were having FUN and laughing and being silly the whole time! :)

At the end of the session, they all changed into their Bears gear for some more shots.  I love the colors in these pictures...even though I'm not personally a Bears fan. ;)

Love this shot of a mom and dad just getting ready to celebrate their anniversary and their 2 awesome (and hilarious!) boys!
Hysterical...and probably pretty real life! 

And I have had the pleasure of photographing this crew a few times and I must say, the girls are all girl!  They are always ready to go with their cute little girly poses!  Having boys, it's fun to photograph girly girls!

And these cousins have an awesome uncle!
Love these shots of the kids with their uncle!

And 2 incredible grandparents with their grandchildren.  They really have so much to be proud of...and I think you can tell that they are!  And the kids think their grandparents are pretty fantastic too!

And I pretty much love this group shot.  It was the last of the I made them all sit down on the wet ground.  THEN, they told me they were going to dinner after the session.   OOPS!  Ha.  Hopefully their rear ends dried enough to not make everyone think they all had "an accident". ;)

Thank you all for braving the weather for this session!  It was so much fun for me to photograph you all and you were so wonderful to work with! :)

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