Monday, May 6, 2013

Magazine worthy - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I have a handfull of family shots that will remain in my mind as those that I love the most...those that I feel like I could see while flipping through the pages of a magazine.  This one is definitely within that list! I am pretty much in love with this shot!
This family is incredible.  So awesome and kind and fun and laid back and I am blessed to say that I married into their family!  Woot woot! :)
This is Sean's cousin Tammie and her husband Derek and adorable children, Sophia and Oliver...

Sophia and Ollie are SUCH GREAT KIDS.  For reals...they are a dream to photograph!  I mean, they are so willing to do whatever I ask and they are UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous to boot!  Photographers dream...absolutely!

I give you 1 guess how old Sophia is. :)

And Ollie too. :)

Love this capture of Ollie with his lovey, ChiChi!

And again, one of my favorite little boy shots I have captured...ever!

And are you kidding me?!?!!!  Love this one!  Love the picture, love the girl!

She's pretty girlie, but she's adventurous too!

And one last shot of this wonderful family...Downtown Des Moines in the background.
 Thank you Derek, Tammie, Sophia and Ollie for being your amazing selves and hanging out with me for a while!

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