Saturday, May 25, 2013

2nd Annual Photo Swap with Jamie Lynne Photography - Quad Cities Family Photographer

It was that time of year annual photo swap with my friend Jamie, owner of Jamie Lynne Photography in Des Moines. We've been planning this since, well, last year's photo swap!
The weather ended up being BEAUTIFUL!
And her family is clearly beautiful as well, so I'd say it was the perfect formula! :)
I love that Jamie and I were randomly in the same training class at Wells Fargo Financial about 5 years ago.  She was pregnant with Jaxson and Tate was 1.  Something connected us and we became fast friends.  Who would have thought we both would have left Wells Fargo and started photography businesses around the same time!  Over the years we have realized just how much we have in common and though we don't have the many many years of history in our friendship, I know we will be friends forever.  We sort of lead parallel lives with our "stay at home mommy while also running a small photography business and having sons" day to day activities.  And strangely, her husband Dave and Sean are so much alike, it's scary.  Like they have the same weird, picky quirks about the clothing they will/will not wear, they are plethoras of useless knowledge and are some of the biggest Hawkeye fanatics around. :)
I know we were put in that same training class for a reason and I am so grateful for that!
And just look at her beautiful family! 

And her sons, Jaxson and Asher...yowzers they are adorable!!!

Having sons myself, I have a thing for Daddy/son just makes you love those boys so much it hurts when you see an image like this of your husband and sons!

And what Jamie learned with being a photographer (or maybe she already knew) was how to be IN FRONT of the camera, not just behind it.  Ya, I didn't so much learn that.  I am awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera...I much prefer TAKING the pictures!

This shot makes me think of my life...Sean and I having our boys running circles around us.  I am sure Jamie and Dave often feel this way too, so I would say this shot is a pretty fitting depiction of life in the Barry household right now. :)
 Thank you, Barry Family for yet again another fun photo swap!
Can't wait for this tradition to continue!!!

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  1. Oh I am so in love with all of these!! I love love the photo of the boys and I. Those are pretty special pictures because, as you know, we are always taking the pictures! We definitely were in the same training for a reason. I am so grateful for you and our friendship. :) For realz....