Sunday, May 26, 2013

3rd time's a charm - Quad Cities Childrens Photographer

This will have been the 3rd time I photographed these beautiful siblings and though I've gotten shots of them together...none comparable to one like this where they are both looking at the camera, smiling, together.
Love it!  Guess 3rd time's a charm!
They are just busy, curious kiddos...that makes for fleeting moments when they're in the same spot and happily looking at the camera.  However, it makes those fleeting moments caught in picture all the more exciting and real.

And for the individual makes for those types is images that lend themselves perfectly to my style of photography!
LOVE this image of Kaylee!

And this one of Cam!

Kaylee is gorgeous as you can see...the most big, beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile!  She is so girly!

And Cam is ALL boy!  This family clearly has good genes because these children are beautiful!  That smile, that sparkle in his eyes...he just might be a heart breaker someday! :)
His leaping and running around and playing frisbee and bubbles...yup, I'm used to all that with my 3 boys for sure.

I found the perfect spot to put these busy kiddos that would keep them in one spot long enough for me to capture some non action shots...a tree!  I'll have to remember this in the future. :)

And I'm pretty sure this was a leap for joy from Kaylee as it was my LAST shot of the session!  Ha!
(even their dog got in a couple of the shots)

Thank you, Jennifer for trusting me to photograph your children once again!  They definitely make stunning subjects!  It's always a pleasure getting to chat with you each time as well. :)

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