Monday, November 28, 2016

The Birth of Luc Helmly - Quad Cities Birth Photographer

Jaimie and Lewis were a joy to meet and witness their love.  I had never met them before approaching them in labor and delivery as they were walking the halls.

Turns out they had been laboring from home all day and it was their 5 year anniversary!

They were so awesome, so in love, so fun...yes, fun...even when Jaimie was dilated to almost a 10!

The strength within Jaimie is incredible.  She went drug free with a smile on her face for most of the laboring!

When things got intense, she stayed strong...and she had an unbelievable cheerleader and coach in Lewis!

Things eventually got pretty intense.  Jaimie and Lewis stayed so strong and so incredible...

Jaimie was the picture of strength...

And the relief and joy when Luc arrived safe and sound was so obvious in the room...

It was a long labor and a long road to even becoming parents in the first place and the sweet joy and relief to finally be holding their little boy was so beautiful!

Look at that perfect little peanut!!!

Luc was born at 5:02am and was eating his first meal as the sun came up.  Gorgeous...

A beautifully content little baby! amaze me.  You are so strong.  You did such an incredible thing and I watched and photographed you in awe all night!  So glad I was able to witness the strength and beauty you possess. were the most incredible coach to your beautiful wife!  I was amazed by you and your composure!  You both encapsulate love and beauty and strength!  Luc is so blessed to call you Mommy and Daddy and YOU are so blessed to have this beautiful boy you tried so hard for so many years to have!  I am overjoyed for the both of you and feel so humbled and honored to have been able to photograph this life changing experience for you both!  Congratulations!!!!  I cannot wait for you to see Luc's birth story in it's entirety when I have all of the images complete!

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