Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Frank Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I am SO HAPPY that I got to photograph this gorgeous family this year!  I had photographed them for several years prior to their move out of the Quad City area and it just didn't work out last year with scheduling so I was determined to make it work this year!  And man, it's amazing how kids grow in 2 years.  This family is so beautiful inside and obviously outside as well.  I had so much fun wandering around Cedar Ridge Winery with them!

These brothers are seriously handsome dudes!

With my love of color, I kind of actually liked Ryan's yellow cast!  That hair, that smile, and his awesome personality...he's such a cool kid!

Colin has changed a TON since the last time I photographed him.  Almost 16 now, I'm sure he could think of a million other places he would have rather been than with me, getting his picture taken.  However, he really made it easy for me!  Such a respectful, good looking kid.

They can try and fake it, but I think they kinda like each other a little. :)

And these two definitely like each other!  I love pictures of moms and dads together...and I'm pretty sure Tammy doesn't age...ever.

Sometimes real moments come out and end up being some of my favorite moments to capture...


The boys MAY  have been super excited when the session was over and gotten in the car and I MAY have spoken with their parents for so long after that that when I looked over at the sky, I MAY have decided they needed to get back out of the car to take just one more picture with the beautiful backdrop.  The boys MAY have been pretty irritated with me about that.  It was worth it for sure!

Thank you Frank Family for spending some time with me!  I'm so glad it worked out to photograph you all again...I always love seeing you guys!

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