Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Repeat Customers - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I photographed this family almost exactly a year ago to the day of photographing them this year. My how things change in a year! :)

One thing that doesn't change is Dad's enthusiasm during our little photoshoot. Just like last year, he wouldn't have rather been anywhere else! ;) Ha. This is a common occurance for Dads during photoshoots.

Really though, he was such a trooper...as was the entire family. I mean, it may be hard to tell in these images, but the temperatures were brisk to say the least!

In true supermodel form, they braved the wind and cold and smiled through the pain.

This one has matured about 5 years since last year. She is a mini clone of her mother...personality and all! :)

Oh my goodness, the cuteness of these 2 boys is out of control!

If only you knew how perfect this sign was for this little man. Love it!

It was such a fun time spent with this great family!

Thanks again, guys! Same time next year?! :)

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