Monday, October 3, 2011

Cousins - Quad Cities Children Photographer

These adorable cousins were who I got to spend my Sunday morning with!

Yup, I am one lucky gal. :)

Kayla, the oldest was incredibly cooperative and helpful! She was so mature and sweet...she knew JUST what to do to make the littles happy. The littles, Polly and Hayden have such an amazing role model to look up to in their older cousin!

And these 2 are think their momma has her hands full? I am guessing she does! They were so great! No crying or whining at all! It was actually quite impressive!

And those!

I saw the timid side of Polly yesterday. Sweet little smiles or no smiles at all. :) She is one gorgeous little girl! I was told that she is typically quite the smiler, but smile or no smile...that face and those eyes are striking!!! And Hayden just went with the flow...what a laid back little man he was!

I caught a couple smiles from Hayden though and they were worth the effort!!!

Kayla was a joy...she even talked to me about composers and their compositions. Seriously?!

I am definitely not smarter than a 5th grader!

It was a pleasure Kayla, Polly and Hayden!

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