Monday, April 24, 2017

Amanda and Kiel - Quad Cities Maternity Photographer

There is so much I could write about these two and their strength and love.  I only just met them at their maternity session and we talked until it got dark.  I will be there to photograph the birth of their baby boy.  This birth session will be something extra emotional, extra powerful.  You see, their baby boy has a severe heart defect and will only live for a short time following birth.  Because of these circumstances, these two are cherishing every detail of their pregnancy and birth that they can.  They are holding onto every little detail as those memories of the details and the images of this experience will be all they have someday.  

The strength these two have is something I have seen very little of.  They know that they will soon say hello and then goodbye to their precious baby.  I cannot begin to imagine what that would feel like.  From the short time I spent with them, I was given permission to share a bit of their story.  They are being so open and honest about it all.  I learned that these two have done so much research and have prepared themselves the best they can.  We all know that nothing can prepare someone for something like this.

I was amazed by Amanda and Kiel and feel so incredibly honored that they have decided to invite me into this life altering, intimate moment to capture it in pictures.  On this gorgeous spring evening, we just enjoyed getting to know each other and celebrated capturing images of this life they have created.

And I HAD to share this picture.  Even though they aren't the forehead kissing type (or so they told me they aren't!  Ha.), I'd say this is pretty adorable! ;)

Thank you Amanda and Kiel for spending your evening in front of my lens. You two are so incredible and I am so happy to have met you and so honored to photograph these special moments so you can treasure them forever!  Much love to you two!

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