Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tammy Frank : Certified Health Coach - Quad Cities Photographer

I met Tammy a few years ago when I photographed her beautiful family.  I have since photographed them again and when Tammy contacted me asking me to photograph some images for her new venture, I was ecstatic!  You see, Tammy exudes beauty...from the inside out.  There is a light about her.  She is such an incredible person and she is one of those people that you can see it, you can feel it the minute you look into her eyes.

So I believe this new venture for her is going to be so incredible and a smashing success!  She has been a nurse for many years and is going to be starting her new private practice in Cedar Rapids as a Certified Health Coach.  She will also be working with the soon to be opening Honest Wellness Center here in the Quad Cities.

You guys, she is so knowledgeable and so loving and genuine and so easy to talk to!  Trust me, I could have chatted with her after our photo shoot for hours!  She cares...whole heartedly, she cares and loves people and is going to do amazing things and change so many peoples' lives.  I have no doubt!

She is so fun and full of energy and joy!  I found myself trying to squeeze all of the information I could out of her while I was with her!  And she was full of information and knowledge and gave me a sense of hope and confidence in my own journey to health that I have recently begun...all while we were standing outside of her car before she drove away after our session!

"Everyone has a story."
You bet we do!  And our stories shape us and influence all of our decisions...good and bad.
I learned that not only is Tammy going to benefit the health of others in the way that most of us look at "health", but also she is going to help her patients' inner health, the health of their soul...just by being her compassionate, loving self...she is good for the soul! :)

She is love...

She is beautiful...

She is inspiring energy...

Thank you, Tammy for allowing me to capture these images of you!  It's been a blessing to get to know you better and I look forward to watching your successes in this new journey!  There is no person that I can imagine doing a better job in this new role as you will!

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