Thursday, July 31, 2014

Monroe's Birth Story - Quad Cities Birth Photographer

To capture someone giving birth is something that is hard to describe.  It is my most favorite thing to photograph.  Every birth I have photographed has been amazing and so different.  Every birth I have photographed, I have left with the back of my camera soaked wet with tears.  Tears for the happy and relieved parents, tears that I was actually welcomed into such an intimate time and tears that this is what I get to call my "job".  Wow. Really, it's something I've said over and over, but I truly think I have the most amazing job in the world.  I feel blessed every single day as I sit in front of my computer screen and edit the images of all of the children and families I am blessed to capture photographically.  I have so much fun in my short time with each of my clients in front of my lens!

This though, this...there are just no words.

Welcome to the world, Sweet Monroe!  You are so very loved!

Congratulations Sam, Adam and Eden...and thank you...thank you for letting me be a tiny part of this amazing day so I could capture these images for you.  I hope you cherish them forever!

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  1. Extremely beautiful. Congrats to the new again parents. And congrats to big sister. Brought tears to my eyes. Made me want another child. Beautiful.