Monday, October 22, 2012

Simply Gorgeous - Quad Cities Family Photographer

What to say about this family...hmmm.
To avoid being too sappy, I will keep it as short as I can. :)
This family is so so special to our family...for one, all 3 of their daughters' marriages are going to be arranged with my 3 boys (don't judge...we're bringing arranged marriages back...for reals ;)) and also, it's a rare thing to find a friendship like know, the kind where your husbands get along as well as you and your friend...and then to make things even better, our kids all get along and love each other as well!  It's the perfect fit!
To say I love our friendship with them would be an understatement.
It is beyond special to our family to have them in our lives.
I love them and their children like they are family.
And honestly, my camera loves them too! ;)
I mean, why wouldn't it?!  They are GORG!

Chloe was dying to see a picture from the here ya go, CoCo! :)

3 beautiful daughters...Ava and Chloe are the same age as my Tate and Wesley and then little Sophia is just a bit younger than Cason.
Perfect! ;)

Lora is a beautiful Mama...that's obvious, but she is amazing and loving and hard working too...these are some blessed girls!

Ava June (almost 6)...

I do prefer color images, but some just scream to be put in black and white!

Chloe (3 1/2)...

Sophia (7 mos)...

The "bigs" this shot!


And believe it or not, this session lasted about 20 minutes...that's all it took.
For reals.
Kinda jealous of how amazing their kids were and how adorable all of their pictures are!
Love you guys!!!

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  1. Jennie, wonderful pictures. You had great subjects and the pictures turned out beautiful!