Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jake + Jessie: Quad Cities Engagement Photographer

I am not even sure where to begin with these two.

And a're getting a lot of pictures in this post because I just couldn't narrow it down! And trust me, it was even hard to narrow it down to these 12 images!

This weekend was a DREAM weekend for me in regards to photography. I got to shoot some family (see post below), then I got to photograph this amazingly gorgeous, in love, cooperative, fun, laid back couple, and then a super layed back, fun family (see NEXT post)!

Jake and Jessie are a very special couple. They will be my ONLY Bride and Groom that I will see, I don't do weddings. I don't have a desire to be a wedding photographer whatsoever. None. However, come 10/22/11, I will be photographing this gorgeous couple's wedding and (although it makes me so nervous to think I agreed to do their wedding that I kind of feel like passing out!) I can't think of ANY other couple I would have agreed to do this for. I am completely serious. When I say these two are layed back, I mean it.

They did ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I asked of them, they had fun, laughed, were completely themselves, let me try whatever location, pose or expression requests I wanted with ZERO argument or question as to what I was thinking. They made my time with them super easy and super fun!

DREAM CLIENTS...that's what they are!

The fact that these 2 trust me enough to photograph their wedding is truly an honor like nothing I've ever experienced professionally.

So as long as my camera is working and I don't completely botch all of their wedding photos so they have nothing to hold onto for the rest of their lives (ugh...the thought of the importance of wedding photographs makes me a little light headed!), I think they'll be the most amazing couple to photograph on the most important day of their lives!

And seriously????

I mean, talk about gorgeous.

GORGEOUS people these two are...inside and out!

And let me tell you...these two will be producing some gorgeous children!

Can't wait to photograph their babies too!!! ;)

Thank you Jake and Jessie for being such amazing subjects!

Can't wait for 10/22/11!!!!!

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