Monday, April 25, 2016

Margaret - Quad Cities Senior Portrait Photographer

I have had the most incredible seniors to photograph this spring!  They just keep coming...I feel so lucky to get to photograph all of these awesome seniors as they are about to enter a new season of life.

Margaret and her mother were SO FUN to spend the afternoon and evening with.  And Margaret killed it.  She just knew what to do in front of the camera.

I love catching those moments between shots...often they are some of the most beautiful!

I think I squealed in joy and excitement several times during Margaret's session...the breeze was so perfect at times and the golden light mixed with her gorgeousness...gahhh!  Love!

It doesn't usually take too long to get comfortable with my seniors.  We were joking around so much at this point in the session...I don't even know why I say some of the things I do, but at least it spawns laughs sometimes!  I usually don't think and say something ridiculous right when I am wanting my subject to have a serious expression.  This was one of those moments...Margaret pulled it together and worked it though.  You should have heard her mother and I on the other side of the camera though.  So funny!

It just doesn't get more beautiful than this!

I mean, c'mon!  Ridiculous beauty right here!

It seems like at the end of really great sessions, I just want to keep shooting and hanging out and laughing with my clients.  Margaret's session was just like that...we were just having fun!

Thank your Margaret and Kim for spending the evening with me and Margaret for being such a gorgeous subject!  It was so fun to hear about your future plans.  You are going to do amazing things and I wish you only the best as you graduate and start this new chapter in your life!

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