Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Zimmerman Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

As a photographer, the first time I see a family I will be photographing, I get these ideas in my head...almost instantly.  I think, "OOOO...I could do this or that"  or "I hope this family is open to this or that because I can envision how adorable it would be!"  Most often, these ideas don't come to fruition...often the session ends up going much better than I visualized, but sometimes it is much more difficult or the family's personalities don't lend themselves to my ideas.  I always want to capture a family just as they are...I want them to feel natural and comfortable.

I had never met the Zimmerman Family before they stepped out of the car on this lovely morning.  The second I saw them, I was excited about the possibilities.  They are clearly so adorable, I love the downtown Davenport location they chose and I love photographing children the ages of theirs.

I always just kind of go with the flow though and the session just progresses naturally.  Only this family was amazing...AMAZING, you guys!

I could have spent the whole day with them!

And everything fell into place.  One of my favorite spots in downtown Davenport with vines on this old, brick exterior just happened to be at peak with the gorgeous colors that matched this beautiful family's attire PERFECTLY!

And I quickly figured out why these two have such incredible kiddos...because THEY are incredible parents...

This...this never happens.  A Kindergartner and a 2nd Grader siblings...they aren't supposed to willingly do this.  I did NOT pose them this way...I simply said, "get in and snuggle close together!"

And then THIS happened!
AHHHHH!  How adorable are these two?!?!!!

This boy...he is stunning.  What a handsome young man.  He was reserved and obedient.  He was willing to do everything I asked, but maintained a calm demeanor.
Those eyes, that face...and I adore the cowlick in the front of his hair!

My 2nd grader could stand to take some lessons from this little man!

This beauty...wow.  She is a gorgeous little girl!  She was fun and sweet and willing to pose for sure!  Just as obedient as her big brother and just as amazing in front of my lens!

She looks like a lady, but I have a feeling she can keep up with any boy!

The handsome boys of the family...

The gorgeous girls of the family...

You don't get much more picture perfect than this!

This was one of those sessions where I know I will be sad when I am done editing it.
My face hurt from smiling as I was sorting the images. :)
It was so amazing from beginning to end that everything flowed perfectly and my vision for how I wanted this family's images to turn out came true!
I am in love with every image of this incredible family!

Thank you Zimmerman Family for making me forget that what I do is a job.  It was such a pleasure to have you all put your trust in me to capture your family photographically!  You are clearly a beautiful family inside and out and I cannot wait for you to see all of the images!

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