Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sisters - Quad Cities Children Photographer

These images make me so sad!!!  I love these girls and just cannot believe how time has flown and they've grown into young ladies!

I met Delaney (the oldest) and her family through my  husband over 10 years ago.  My husband was college friends with her Mom and Dad and had lost touch over the course of the years.  When we reconnected, we quickly became fast friends and spent almost all of our free time together!  Delaney was only 1!  Shortly after, Olivia arrived and then we began growing our family shortly after that.  Our kids spent so much time together when they were little and still enjoy spending time together the couple times a year that we get to see the Knutsons.  We have made many great memories with these dear friends of ours whether it be just watching the Hawkeyes in the fall together or taking family vacations together.  We love them and adore their girls.

They came and spent the weekend with us a couple of weekends ago and I couldn't wait to get Delaney and Olivia in front of my lens for some pictures to update the portraits on their walls!

We stepped out my door and just walked a few houses down to the bike path and green space in our neighborhood.  These girls are always a blast to photograph and so good in front of the camera!

I love that they are sisters AND friends!

I can't even believe how grown up Delaney has become!  She is such a great kid!

Olivia has grown so much too...soooo full of personality!  She is such an awesome kid too!

Their parents are pretty blessed I'd say!
Two amazing and beautiful daughters...

As usual, girlies, you were so much fun to photograph and worked it for the camera!  Thank you for letting me take your pictures again and we hope to see you again soon!  Love you girls!

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