Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Louis James {11 days new} - Quad Cities Newborn Photographer

This little peanut was quite the surprise to his mommy and daddy arriving 6 weeks early!  He was so tiny and content...a perfect little photography subject!

I arrived to their home just as a storm was rolling it.  It was a downpour within minutes and it was DARK!  This little one was the sunshine in my morning though...I adored every minute with him!

And Sweet Louis James is clearly the sunshine in his Mommy and Daddy's lives too...

His tiny little 11 day new feet and hands were so precious to capture!

And though he drifted off to a deep sleep, he started bright eyed and as alert as can be!  I was thrilled to get some bright eyed shots of this little sweetie...and the rocking chair "rocked"!  I kind of wish I could steal it for a prop of my own! ;)

Mommy fed him and he was out like a light!

And this sweet image for his daddy...

I could have hung out with him and snuggled him all day long!

Thank you, BJ and Tori for welcoming me into your lovely home and allowing me to capture your sweet little man!  He is so unbelievably gorgeous and sweet...the perfect little subject!

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