Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Emily - Quad Cities Senior Portrait Photographer

As the edits on Emily's Senior Portraits are almost complete, I am kind of sad.  Looking at her portraits gave me time to reminisce about being in high school.  I was a different person then, but the lack of responsibility is appealing to me lately! Ha.

I love these portraits of Emily.  I love how real they are.  We really just spent a couple of hours hanging out and I snapped some pictures!

We even got coffee.  It was COLD out, so the coffee was necessary.  And we kinda both like coffee. ;)

How cute is she?!  I want that hat, and hair and jacket. 

I think these portraits really represent Emily...which is kinda the point of Senior Portraits anyway, right?  Capturing who you are at that point in your life...

We had fun and laughed a lot!

And Emily was game for anything I suggested and injected her personality into every part of it!

Thank you, Emily for hanging out with me and being such a great subject to photograph!  Have a great ending to your Senior year and best wishes to you in the future!

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  1. Those are great! I hope she realizes how FUN they are and interesting as one who knows so little about her... :) I'd say your personality shines through and you are a one of a kind sort of gal!! LOVE them. :) Want to know HER favorites.... just curious! :)