Sunday, January 20, 2013

He's got it all! - Quad Cities Children Photographer

Watch out 2 year old ladies, this one's got it all!  He is going to make the ladies swoon one day...or maybe now.
Oh my, Xavier is one amazing little 2 year old!
He's got a great sense of humor...

Is so sweet...
He is super intuitive...
He is full of energy and so much fun...

And he is pretty much a little boy genius.  For real, it's amazing how smart he is!

He isn't uptight and stuffy...he likes to be casual. ;)

He has an all around great personality,

and incredible style!

And just plain gorgeous!!!

Okay, so probably a bit young for the dating scene. ;)

It was so much fun spending some time running around with this little guy.  He was a super easy subject and made my job easy.  It's almost not fair to other little 2 year olds out there how gorgeous he is!  And he really does have an amazing little personality to boot.  He's got good genes (and jeans!). ;)

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