Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christ Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

Just as I was driving to this photoshoot with my heat blasting in my car and the wind whipping my little car all over the road, it started to sprinkle. Oh no...this was going to be an interesting photoshoot! I had never met this family, didn't know what to expect and was crossing my fingers that this family would be cooperative so that we could get all the shots I wanted in a short period of time. There was no way they were going to want to be out in the brisk weather for too long and I was afraid of the possibility that a storm was blowing in.

This was quite possibly the quickest photoshoot I have ever done. And seriously, I had JUST as many adorable images to sift through when all was said and done as I would have with my typical hour long session. So needless to say, this family was AMAZING!

Look at their beauty...and would you have even guessed that it was freezing and super windy and on the verge of raining?! Well it was...

I loved my time with these two girlies. They were a total blast...workin' it for the camera like I pray most kiddos will!

I couldn't stop snapping pictures and eventually just let them go crazy doing whatever they wanted!

Yup, they delivered... :)

However, their energy and wildness were quickly toned down when it needed to be...

A perfect mix I'd say of wild and crazy fun along with poised and natural.

Thank you, Christ Family...I had so much fun, I completely forgot about the brisk conditions!

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  1. Wow... those little gals knew how to work it FOR SURE!! You WERE blessed to have such fun subjects! Great pics, lovely family!! : ]