Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Genuine - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I was trying to think of a word for this family.






Yup, all of those were good, but not the word I was looking for.


That's it.

Each and every one of the members of this family are genuine. They are who they are (which is amazing by the way!) and they don't put on a show. It was so much fun spending some time with them!

Genuinely Fun

Genuinely Gorgeous

Genuinely Inspiring

Genuinely Kind

Genuintely Welcoming

I have known this family for years. They are related to 2 dear friends of mine who I've known for close to 20 years. I remember when their oldest child was born...she's now 13! Yikes!

Can someone please tell me how one can birth 4 gorgeous kids, keep an amazing home, work a full time job and still have time to look this incredible?!?!?!!!

Anyone? Anyone?

Ya, I don't know how she does it either!

Lessons please, Angie!!!

Let's start with the 2 middle children.


I love photographing boys...maybe it's because I have a boy, or because it's a challenge and oh so satisflying when I get a genuine smile out of them. Not sure what it is, but these boys were fun to photograph!

Douglas and Drake...adorable brothers and honestly, they were uber cooperative!

I have to include my Mommy Love shot of Angie with her youngest, her little angel Alayna...

There just aren't enough words to write what an amazing miracle this child is. She has blessed her family incredibly and she is blessed to have her incredible family!

And I was blessed to be able to photograph this beauty!

And the oldest, Lexi.

She is a stunner if I've ever seen one! She was truly so sweet and fun to photograph and c'mon, how could the camera NOT love her! Gorgeous...unbelievably gorgeous!

And it's no wonder these kids are so amazing and so beautiful!

They come from beautiful stock...inside and out!

And I must say, I am fairly in love with this next shot. Super candid, super beautiful, super fun!


What a blessing it is to have had the opportunity to meet ALL of the members of this family finally!

Thank you Dana, Angie, Lexi, Drake, Douglas and Alayna for welcoming me into your home and onto your beautiful property to capture your family.

I cannot think of a better way to have ended my 2011 season of photoshoots!!!


  1. Aw, thanks for the very kind words Jennie. Thank you for accepting the challenge to come and photograph us and for being so patient with Alayna! I am so pleased with how the pictures turned out and can't wait to see all of them. We can't wait to have you back in the summer. I'm glad it ended your year well! :)

  2. Oh, that was from Angie ;)