Monday, July 25, 2011

Pure Gorgeousness : Quad Cities Family Photographer

I need to explain something...

Everything I say on this blog about all of my amazing clients is completely my true and genuine feelings. I feel like I am constantly gushing over the beauty and cooperation that are my clients and it may get old and seem like I just say that for everyone. Truly though, I just feel so so blessed to have had each and every client I've had. I mean, not only do I attract the most beautiful people in the vicinity, but also the most laid back and fun people. I feel like I should pinch myself because it just can be possible! As of late, the majority of my clients are people whom I have never met before our photoshoot, but yet they put their trust in me and we leave our hour together feeling like we've known each other much much longer!

That being said...this family was yet again...INCREDIBLE!

It was so fun spending an hour with Elizabeth, Blake and STUNNING Addison.

I mean, really...

When you look at Mommy and Daddy, you can plainly see where Addison's beauty comes from!

She is so animated and busy and GORGEOUS!

And no offense to any other husbands/dads who I have photographed, but top the list as the most cooperative adult male I have EVER photographed. Seriously, Blake was so hilarious and happy to be there which makes it so easy on me!

I love me the "Mommy Love" shots...

And Addison will be 1 in a week...1 going on 13. This girl is too much. She walks with attitude! It's the cutest thing. And she is about the most independent 1 year old I've met!

And that face...wowzers, it just doesn't get much better!

Elizabeth's mother has a bench at the park dedicated to her.

So special...

Truly guys, it was an HONOR to meet you and spend an hour with you!

Thank you for allowing me into your world for a short time!

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